Friday’s Fav 5

1. My burning bush and learning how to do drop shadow in PSP – fun!

2. Watching the “Get Used To Sophie” project progress

 Note Sophie’s resigned look – those kitties are eating out of her bowl!

Proof of success – eating together. Even Little Jack has been won over. 

3. Just playing…

A basket of goodies.

click to view

click to view

click to view

click to view

A record of days

Tutorial on Visual Homemaking Journal

Thanks Ann!

4. little Fall beauties

5. Harp workshop tomorrow!

Making music with friends.

These are just a few of my favourites of the week

adding to my endless gift list.

Thanks to Suzanne and Ann!

Have a blessed weekend my friends!


8 thoughts on “Friday’s Fav 5

  1. Hello,About the collages…google is/was offering a free download of picasa 3 which allows you to make these collages. This new program they are offering is still in the beta form so they are letting us help them work out the bugs before they finalize the program or at least that’s my understanding. I had picasa 2 already but this is so much more advanced and fun!


  2. I don’t play very well in public yet Ellen – at least not alone – my fingers get fumbly:)Lana – the journal is pure play – I can’t believe how much I enjoy it.Dorothy – drop shadow is the little shadow on the right hand side and at the bottom of the picture – and PSP is Paint Shop Pro my photo editing software :)Not mushrooms Suzanne – acorns – we have all kinds of them.Glad you like the journal Jill – check out Ann’s tutorial and links – it’s great fun.


  3. Lovely, Kathie.Thank you for sharing your homemaking journal–it’s a very nice idea and so very personal. I appreciate your pictures of that.Didn’t know you played the harp, but it doesn’t surprise me. Also very lovely.XO


  4. Fabulous. I love how the kitties and Sophie are adjusting! That burning bush is beautiful. What a fun journaling idea :0)Oh what beautiful worship music that harp must produce.. Maybe there’s a youtube in your future


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