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seasons . . .

I  woke up this morning to the sweet scent of apples and cinnamon. Last night, after the supper dishes were cleared away, I decided to make some  applesauce in the slow cooker. It’s so simple – slice some apples, add a little sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg  and leave it overnight.

In the morning, the whole house is filled with the cozy autumn fragrance – better than a scented candle! You get to enjoy the aroma and the tasty goodness ~ home-made applesauce with yogurt, ice-cream, pork roast or just by itself. Delicious!

We will need to get a few more apples to store in boxes down in the cold room. Roger and I will make our yearly trip to Haneveld’s apple orchard this week.

The orchard holds a lot of  memories ~ children’s smiles and shouts of laughter. Sunshine and bright blue October skies. Biting into a cold, crisp apple, juice running down your chin.

Many years have passed since the day I lined them all up on the apple picking ladder to take that picture.

I can remember the  boys laughing, wrestling, and fooling around like little boys do. Sarah was in a little world of her own, gathering apples for her own small basket and not at all interested in having her picture taken. I recall thinking  “Will they ever hold still so I can take this picture?” 

I’m smiling as I remember, but there is a little sadness mixed in too – children don’t “hold still”. That time, so precious to me, slipped away all too soon.

In the past few years, Roger and I have made the yearly orchard trip alone. And I’ll have to admit, sometimes it has been hard. So many memories, things I held dear, now gone. The feeling of loss has been deep.

But I notice a difference this year.

More and more, I find myself enjoying the beauty of right now – today – just being with my beloved. I love that we have this time together ~ just the two of us again.

I love that we share so many memories together. We enjoy the “remember whens” and we laugh over the funny stories that have been told and retold. The story of our family.

And our lives grow richer. Two sweet daughters-by-love and two dear girlfriends have been added to our family circle.

And, Lord willing, we look forward to even more blessings ~ someday a son-by-love (although I feel a little sorry for the poor fellow who tries to marry the boys’ baby sister – he will be in for some thorough grilling and probably a fair bit of teasing :).

and one day ~ grandchildren!

More joy, more laughter, more stories, more love.

I feel as if my cup is not only full ~ but overflowing.

It’s a major shift in attitude ~ a gift from the Lord. I’m so thankful.

I’ve had some help along the way especially from my blogging friends.  Women who are just a little bit ahead of me in life stages.

Lovella – it’s been so fun to share in the joy of her “grands”.  Also Jody, Kim, Willow, Susan L, Susie, and Marg. Thank you!

Not to forget a certain little someone IRL – Rinda’s grandboy.

Oh he melts the heart!

Jewel at  Eyes of Wonder, wise mother and grandmother,  has written a beautiful post about the seasons of life.

I do have to admit to a pinge of sadness even now, over the
thought…just the idea….of the lasts of many things that I’ve
treasured, that I know will surely come, in the autumn of my life. As beautiful
as I know that so many aspects of it will be. Like the sadness of
saying goodbye to this loveliest of summer’s now passed, this loveliest
summer of my life will also, I expect, hold a few tears in it’s passing as well. To everything there is a season. I’m so thankful that autumn is the very season to follow after summer,
in God’s creation as well as in my life. What a blessed mystery, that
something equally/possibly even more special and beautiful, can and
will, softly and quietly move into the place of something else long
held especially dear, special and beautiful. God is so very good. So
kind. So good… (read more)

Our youngest, and only daughter, will leave the nest this Jan on a 6 month YWAM discipleship course. Without a doubt, there will be a few tears and I will be asking you for prayer šŸ™‚

But I sense a new resolve growing in me.

A willingness to “let go”. To view my hands not so much as empty, but rather as open and ready to receive.

It’s a good feeling, this new season. It’s harvest time – rich and fruitful.

May you experience all the joys of the season that you are in right now – moment by moment, day by day, enjoying the blessings that come from the loving hand of our Father.

with love and thanks for you,


9 thoughts on “seasons . . .

  1. Home Again says:

    Very moving post….I think there are a few of us making memories along the way and what better way than to spend some time with the love of our life over the next years. I have often remarked how wonderful the times are becoming. Blogging helps me keep the reality of my life together and what more fun than to share about the stages of life.I just caught up to all your posts. I really enjoy coming to your site.


  2. Wonderful post Kathie. Dear and I are enjoying a season where we are away from our children for most of our days. We just had a sermon on Sunday on Ecclesiastes 3 and the Seasons of our lives. It was good to hear about living in whatever season God has put us in and asking the question, What does God want me to do in this season of life? And to realize that we have enough time to do whatever God wants us to do. Blessings on you and yours Kathie!


  3. Islandsparrow says:

    Thanks for your lovely comments girls – it’s good to hear from you. I was planning a "simple" post on the applesauce but look where a little memory of apple-picking took me!Lovella – almost time for the polls to close here. By law they aren’t allowed to announce who won until all the polls are closed across Canada. Otherwise I’d let you in šŸ™‚ PEI is known for voting for their incumbents (we’re a loyal bunch even if we’re not politically astute). Hopefully we’ll get someone in govt. this time around. Lorna – I would almost call this apple butter – it’s quite dark brown. But delicious. We’ll see you soon!


  4. Lorna says:

    Oh Kathie – how beautifully you have said what I am also feeling. I, too, am trying not to miss TODAY in the memories of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow. "Today" is so full of God’s blessings … thank you for the reminder :>) P.S. I think I’m going to try that applesauce recipe!!!!


  5. Kathie, What an amazing post. I felt as if you reached into the depths of my heart and spoke my truth too. I have loved sharing my grands with you .. .and I’m so glad you have enjoyed it too. . once cousin camp is in full swing you’ll have no choice but to endure my tales of wee ones and their antics.The picture of the ladder. . .oh I remember the sqauabbling and the tugging at picture time. . .I’m going to go look for that photo. . watch for it soon.So. . .election day out your way? I was hoping for the inside scoop around the closing bell your way. . .smile.


  6. Hi Kathie,What a wonderful, heartwarming post for this beautiful fall morning. Your happiness is so apparent in the words you’ve written.Each season of life has its own special joys. The simple pleasures of everyday life bring such blessings to us if we just stop and realize how treasured each moment of life can be.Thanks so much for the link and sweet words!xo


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