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favourite things . . .

Favourite things beside my chair …

  •  my “Frederick the Literate” mug – a Value Village treasure for $1.99 – more than I would pay for a mug but look at it! I couldn’t resist. Frederick and the books were calling my name 🙂
  • a dear little candlestick – another Value Village find  – 3 for 99 cents – along with a never opened box of tiny candles.
  • and my stack of books.  My latest read is for a women’s Bible study that begins on Thursday. We are studying Moving From Fear Into Freedom by Grace Fox. I’m looking forward to it.

The sun is shining here on the Island and the wind is gusting from the North. The white birch have already lost their leaves. The scarlet maple and golden brown oak leaves will be floating down in this brisk breeze. It’s a perfect day for rambling along the old wood road behind our home. That’s another favourite thing ~  the rustling sound as you walk through piles of fallen leaves.

Hope your day is filled with favourite things!


17 thoughts on “favourite things . . .

  1. Hey! I have a candle holder identical to that. My husband bought it in Turkey. 🙂 These would be some of my favorite things, too! I like Dallas Willard. Eugene Peterson, too. How do you like *Eat This Book*? I’ve wondered about that one.Susan


  2. I always have a book on an end table waiting to be read. There is nothing better than taking a walk and listening to the leaves crunch under your feet. I hope you have a lovely fall evening.


  3. Aha! More cats and books…the perfect combination! I love that mug. And I also have Dallas Willard’s Renovation…on my shelf. I’m looking forward to reading it one of these days.


  4. Islandsparrow says:

    Hi Lynn, I hope to make that beginner quilt at Crazy Mom Quilts – she and I were actually corresponding about it. The problem is I am hopelessly challenged when it comes to craftiness. But I am so attracted to quilts that I think I’ll give it a try anyway!Thanks for coming by and for your kind comment!


  5. Just found your blog from someone else’s on 160-Acre Woods. I am an island girl (Hawai’i) who is now an hour and a half from the ocean in Oregon… I know I will enjoy reading your blog!


  6. I too have a visit to PEI on my list of places I’d like to visit! If it’s as idylic as Lucy Maud Montgomery portrays in Anne of Green Gables, it must be a real treat to live there.


  7. I came to your blog by way of Crazy Mom Quilts – I was reading her comments. What a beautiful blog you have – the pictures are stunning. Ever since I was a young girl Prince Edward Island has alway been on my list of places I want to visit ( you can probably guess why – yes it has something to do with a book) . If you are a beginning quilter Amandajean’s square in a square block would be a perfect choice. I’m making one this weekend.


  8. OH Kathie, nothing compares to a walk in the crunchy leaves. That is my favorite sense of any of the seasons. My mom loved it. . and perhaps it is the memory of how much she loved it. . .who really knows how we work, nonetheless .. . . we share a favorite thing.


  9. Islandsparrow says:

    Hi Ellen – My best and usually first commenter! Caught me in changing my post. The sun was shining so brightly I had to mention the walk I’m planning to take this afternoon! I may have a little trouble getting into the book until this evening – good thing the sun is setting earlier – time to read in the evening. Hope you have a great day!


  10. I always have a book on an end table waiting to be read. There is nothing better than taking a walk and listening to the leaves crunch under your feet. I hope you have a lovely fall evening.


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