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simple pleasures of November

morning light and shadow


a lingering blossom


kittens playing in the leaves


old wood road ~ (click to enlarge)an afternoon walk – Sarah thinks this road looks like one from the Shire πŸ™‚


Evenings by the fire – Sophie loves the stove.


What simple November pleasures are you enjoying?


11 thoughts on “simple pleasures of November

  1. Lorna says:

    Hi Kathie – That fire looks SO inviting. We have been enjoying the changing color of the leaves here. We’ve really tried to get out walking in the evening and enjoy the cool air as well as the gorgeous fall colors.


  2. I cannot wait for the day I can experience the reality of PEI. But for now, I thoroughly enjoy it through your priceless pictures!For us, November still means shorts with a bit less humidity. We have, however, had some much-needed rain the past 3 days. I have savored the coziness which invites more reading, puzzles, games, clay-making, drawing, chatting, needlework, togetherness. My mind and soul are enjoying autumn, though my physical body cannot quite feel the full effects of it!


  3. Islandsparrow says:

    Oh my Ellen – 90s in Nov?? I would die if we had that in July. πŸ™‚ My northern blood must be thick.Cassie – it really feels good to look at those jars lined up on the shelf doesn’t it?


  4. I spent most of last week canning applesauce. It’s an annual occurrence, and a lot of work. But I feel so good when I see all those jars of applesauce on the shelf. Now I have the privilege of giving some of it away.It’s been a mild November here, and I love that.Cas


  5. I’m enjoying it being cool for Southern California these last few days. We’re suppose to be in the 90’s again soon…Love how you captured the light in your photos…


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