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seeing. . .

I’ve been humming this tune with a slight change in the lyrics

“I can see clearly now,

the rain is

the leaves are gone.”

 I’m used to what might be called “fluidity”  in song lyrics.

My beloved is constantly singing 

and not knowing the lyrics has never been an impediment to this cheery habit.

His songs are a bit of a family tradition and

he has taken quite a bit of good-humoured teasing from the family for his odd lyrics.

I have to confess, that in the past,

I even had a few moments of tiny irritation

when he would sing one of my favourite songs with his incredibly random lyrics.

But that’s when I was young and foolish.

I see more clearly now

and I think it’s one of his most endearing qualities.

And that is just the segue into what I thought was the real subject of this post:

Seeing clearly now that the leaves are gone 🙂

Like this bird that I saw on a walk through the woods last week.

A female ruffled grouse, sitting so still and staring straight ahead.

I’m sure she thought she was completely camouflaged

but there she was, in plain view.

R and I had to get out our trusty old bird book to make sure we were identifying her correctly.

A great book – we’ve worn out several copies over the years.


But now, as so often happens in my blogging experience,

I’m thinking about something different.

Isn’t it funny, how you can begin to write about one topic

and then end up with something quite unexpected.

The creative springs begin to flow just by the act of putting the fingers to the keyboard.

What about you?

Are your blog posts planned?

Do you like to follow the memes like Menu Monday or Thankful Thursday?

What inspires you?

Your photography, your reading?

Current events, another blog post?

Do you write more like a letter to a friend? Or a record of family events?

Or are you more likely to just sit down and  write as your imagination leads?

I’m always surprised at the vast amount of topics that are covered on the blogosphere.

Where do you find your ideas?

Inquiring minds want to know 🙂

Happy Monday my friends!


10 thoughts on “seeing. . .

  1. You always have such interesting photos….like the bird in the tree pretending she is a branch.My hubby makes up humorous lyrics to songs too….being a musician he can remember the music but not the words….My blogging style is similar to many of the others….I write as I go…normally around the photos. The photos are my main thing most of the time. When I first started blogging I got into the memes and weekly posts based around a theme but lately I’ve found I don’t like having to keep to a set schedule and I’ve stopped those. I like being more spontaneous. Sometimes I have a thought I want to express that I’m excited about. other times it’s about books. Overall, I like to show and talk about whatever is beautiful….because beauty is so much the language of God. It’s what keeps me going!


  2. I usually just sit and start typing. Sometimes I have a specific thought and put flesh to it as I sit and type. Sometimes funny happenings in my life are the inspiration. Lately though it’s been hard. I haven’t been inspired at all.I love birds. I’m going to check out that book at Chapters. Maybe I can get it on my Christmas wish list.


  3. Jill says:

    Add me to the point and shoot/download and blog set. I find that anything that makes me look twice is picture worthy, and I think all those years of "Show and Tell" assignments have worn a groove in my soul that demands that I now "show" my pictures and "tell" about them on my blog. Or at least make a tongue-in-cheek house tour out of them!I have lots of posts that I have written as rants or social commentary; most of the time I decide not to publish them as they will only serve to make others feel as angry as I was feeling. Anger is just not a good "pass along" item, unless it is a righeous anger…Fluidity in lyrics is my life! For years I though "Barbara Ann" was BaBaBA BaBABA RAN.And "I should call you, invest a dime…" was "I should call you up, in Vista time." (some obscure time zone)But it is much more fun to deliberately fool around with lyrics. Although I have learned to resist doing that with hymns, regardless of how funny they can be made.Great catch getting the bird picture. Birds and butterflies are so tricky to photograph.


  4. When I first saw the grouse I thought, What is that roadrunner doing in the tree?Let’s see. Usually I plan my posts and often they are framed around my photography. I love to look at the world through my camera lens and that view sends me in to thinking/writing mode. I ‘write’ a lot of posts that never make it past my inner thoughts. (And wow, those posts would be amazing if I ever actually wrote them down, or at least I think so while I’m composing them in my mind!)


  5. That is an amazing bird! What a lucky sighting.As for blogging, my only plan is Wednesdays are "A Visit With Hitty" days…and that doesn’t even happen as regularly as I want. I think, at least for me, blogging is pretty organic/fluid and I sometimes plan a particular post, but usually it just happens on the spot.Have a lovely day and stay warm. ♥


  6. Kathie, I do think your husband and I are cut from the same cloth! I go around all the time making up my own lyrics as I sing if I can’t remember the words. It’s much more fun than singing some parts and humming others (I’d be doing an awful lot of humming as I don’t remember lyrics as well as I used to!). And sometimes, I’m quite pleased with the lyrics I spontaneously write! :-)About blogging. I’m a spontaneous blogger. It doesn’t work well for me to plan. I do get some ideas in my head in advance occasionally, but I also have to have a certain kind of inspiration or I just can’t make it say what I want it to say, or I can’t say it with any kind of spirit. For all of my life, when something has struck me, I’ve jotted down notes– my thoughts– so I’ve always had things, ideas, thoughts at least partly written. I do that now, too. Something will strike me funny, I’ll really like something, I’ll feel exuberant about something, or I’ll be struck by something I read or saw or did, and I’ll come to the computer to quickly write it down (this takes maybe a minute or two). Then, later, I might have the inspiration to finish it. Quite often (maybe more often than not), I’ll think I’m going to write something for my blog, but, as I go, it turns into something else altogether. I just go with the flow, for the most part, and I don’t blog about nearly half of the things I think about and write about. Blogging has a certain "feel" for me, and what I post has to fall in line with that. 🙂 Rambling, rambling, as I do…Susan


  7. Kathie, I love those pictures and the birdie in the tree was actually quite successful in his camoflage shot. Ihad to look at it for awhile and then saw it. . .What inspires me? I tend to look through my photos and then post around those. Often I start out posting one thing and get very sidetracked,. I’m not into scheduled meme’s . I don’t mind looking at them but I don’t think I’ll ever become involoved in posting them. Why not? Don’t know. I think I tend to write as though I assume the person read yesterdays post. . .and sometimes continue on thoughts from one day to the next. I liked your questions and might even do a post about them this week. It’s good to think about these things from time to time.


  8. What a great picture of the grouse. I’ll be posting some pictures tomorrow of all the birds in my front yard this aft. I had so much fun watching them. They were loving my bright red dogwood berries and playing/washing in the birdbath.What inspires me when blogging…..Well, since I’m fairly new, I’m still trying to find my "style". I find that I enjoy doing more in depth posts on various topics…sometimes it’s related to what I’m reading or thinking. Other days, it may just be what’s going on in my home. I also like to post nature pictures. I’ve really enjoyed all your wonderful pictures!


  9. That’s a great bird shot. I love the fact that your guy sings his own words…What is my inspiration in blogging? Lots of different things inspire me. I like to do weekly memes so I can post more of my photographs. I like themes to inspire me too. The holidays inspire me too. I guess for me Life inspires. Whatever is happening around me…


  10. I usually just sit and start typing. Sometimes I have a specific thought and put flesh to it as I sit and type. Sometimes funny happenings in my life are the inspiration. Lately though it’s been hard. I haven’t been inspired at all.I love birds. I’m going to check out that book at Chapters. Maybe I can get it on my Christmas wish list.


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