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Friday’s back . . .

and time for

1. Woodsy walks:

I have noticed something …

My April-Early Nov photo folders are chock-full of pictures and then my collection  begins to dwindle

What do you take pictures of in the winter – especially before the snow falls and covers everything in soft white?

I shall have to learn to look for what I call spare beauty, like this swirly stalk that I noticed on a walk through the woods:

and the tiny bright splashes of colour that are too easily overlooked in other seasons

2. Pinecones for burning – we gather them from an gnarly old pine tree in our yard. They are beautiful to see and are also great fire starters.

3. Christmas music ~ every evening, after the supper dishes are cleared away, I spend an hour or so playing Christmas songs from this book: 100 Great Christmas Songs – fun and relaxing.

4. Indoor hobby time – I’m making progress on my very first knitted scarf – it has a dropped stitch or two but that doesn’t bother me much. It has been a great practice project for me, it’s soft and warm, matches my winter coat and I’ll be glad to wear it.

5. Candle season – It’s getting dark around 5:00 pm now and I love the excuse to light the candles and oil lamp. The glow from candle and lamplight is so soft and inviting.  Perhaps not so good for reading but fine for knitting and chatting by the fireside. And especially nice for mealtime.

For more Friday’s Fav 5 visit Suzanne at Living To Tell The Story.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



15 thoughts on “Friday’s back . . .

  1. It’s amazing how much natural beauty is out there even in the least colorful of seasons. You did a nice job capturing some pretty things.Knitting in this weather is always nice. I knit and crochet a lot in the winter and not so much in the warmer weather. I hope you had a nice weekend. Ours was very nice.


  2. Life is sweet when we stop to find the little gems lying right at our finger tips. I feel so at home on your kindred spot — gentle beauty, simple joys, lovely photos . . . a very well-balanced diet for blogging. : )


  3. Home Again says:

    Kudos to you for knitting your first project. That scarf looks similar to something I knitted last year.I love the variety of colors. Yea, I love listening to the fresh sounds of Christmas.


  4. I had to giggle when you asked what we take pictures of in winter when the snow falls and covers everything in soft white (thinking to myself "what snow?")…. I think I’d enjoy the challenge of finding something to take pictures of in that situation however….probably along the same lines as you described…unusual shapes in the bare twigs and branches, spare touches of color, etc. And shadows too. It would be fun.


  5. I love that swirly stalk!!We, too, have dinner by candlelight and oil with quiet celtic music playing…it allows us to enter into the evening hours in such a peaceful way, and then we just continue that by playing games or crafting or just enjoying each other.


  6. I’m a candle lighter in fall/winter seasons too. There’s just something about candlelight that fills the senses and warms the soul. I liked your ‘swirly stalk’ and who can resist that bright berry when everything else is so dull looking?Jody


  7. Woodsy walks in all seasons and all weather…Love!Pinecones as firestarters…I bet they smell wonderful!Christmas music after dinner…wish I could listen in!Knitting is also one of my new loves. :o)I always try to have a few candles burning at dinner. It makes for such a homey, intimate meal.Thanks for a great reminder of all the wonderful things this time of year brings.


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