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Tues. morning . . .


(Walter De La Mare)

Puss loves man’s winter fire
Now that the sun so soon
Leaves the hours cold it warmed
In burning June.

She purrs full length before
The heaped-up hissing blaze,
Drowsy in slumber down
Her head she lays.

While he with whom she dwells
Sits snug in his inglenook,
Stretches his legs to the flame
And reads his book. (and blogs)

Happy Tuesday!


15 thoughts on “Tues. morning . . .

  1. This poem is beautiful. Enjoyed the kitty pictures too. My own kitty is snuggled up on a blanket she’s not supposed to sleep on…but she looks so cosy I can’t bear to move her.


  2. I wish I could come stretch out before that fire too. . with nothing better to do and obviously no worries of Christmas preparations. . .oh to be a kitty cat. Your pictures are so perfect for your poem. .. .or should I say, your poem is so perfect for your pictures. .


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