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I’m so glad . . .

you dropped in today.

We’re in the kitchen

Sit down in the rocker and  I’ll pour you a cup of tea.

Better yet, I have a few extra aprons 🙂

Can you smell all the delicious Christmassy aromas?

It’s cookie central here today.

Sarah, who leaves on her mission trip on Jan 4th, is having a fundraiser  ~ a Christmas Cafe this Sat evening in the basement of our church. It looks so festive, decorated with beautiful white, red and green Christmas colours. We moved every available lamp so that we will have cozy lighting, along with floating candles at  every table. The Christmas tree will be shining in the corner and pinecone wreaths are hanging on the wall.

She, and her brother John, are working hard on the musical entertainment for the evening

and I am in charge of the refreshments.

I am very thankful that all the girls over at Mennonite Girls Can Cook have been busy posting Christmas cookie recipes. I’m baking my own sugar cookies, brownies, and cupcakes, plus

Do you think I may be a little too ambitious??

I may need to hear some encouraging cheering from the comment section 🙂

Yours, lovingly,


7 thoughts on “I’m so glad . . .

  1. Reading from todays (Tuesdays) post down. .I feel like I am cheating but perhaps it makes it even more sweet. . .to read it in its entirety the cookie baking. . oh how sweet.


  2. I think I have just about all the cookies you highlighted saved in the Mennonite girls bloglines on my computer. I thought they all sounded great too, especially Lovella’s Chocolate Peppermint cookies. We baked today, also, for a cookie exchange Friday afternoon. Fun, but you’re right, tiring!


  3. Islandsparrow says:

    Good point about the clean-up Ellen!Um Kelli – about the dough? Too late.Bev – maybe you could share with me the lessons you’ve learned about getting older and expectations…Thanks for your well wishes girls – I’ll take pictures of the event. it should be fun!


  4. Bev K says:

    Just think how much you’ll enjoy seeing the fruits of your labour! I did a marathon bake on Saturday and was SO tired after on my feet being all day . It’s a good kind of tired though. I ‘m learning that as I get older I need to tone down my expectations of what I can actually accomplish in one day!All the best for the fundraiser!


  5. Can I just say…yum?!?!Enjoy, enjoy!! Keep at it! You can do it!!! (Just don’t eat too much dough!) Think of that fundraiser!!I bet it smells absolutely wonderful in your home:)


  6. Go for it girl! Once you make the mess from the first batch of cookies and have all those ingredients out you might as well make more and more and more. Then you just clean up once :0)


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