8 thoughts on “Cookie Central

  1. You inspired me yesterday to start our holiday baking! So, we made a batch of Cowboy Cookies last night. (I just posted the recipe on my blog.) I’m only planning on doing one batch every few days, though! Enjoy the whirlwind of it all! They look wonderful…I can almost taste them!!


  2. I’ve been racing around this week and hardly checking blogs, so this is my first whiff of cookies at your house. My cheers are belated, but sincere non the less. GO, Sparrow! The cookies all look wonderful and they’re going to taste even better!


  3. I have been busy catching up on your beautiful blog! So lovely and so Christmasy! Love your cats. The cookies look marvelous! I hope the fundraiser went well. I have a missionary son of my own, trying to raise funds. This might be a good idea to borrow. Would you come along to Florida to help me make the cookies? Or, as long as I’m dreaming, maybe I could jet up there for a few days, eh?


  4. I can almost smell the heavenly scents coming from your kitchen!! Hey, I even made cookies yesterday for Dear to take to work today for a cookie exchange. (this is me patting myself on the back) Have a fabulous fund raiser and a good weekend!


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