It’s a wintery day here on the Island.

I wish I could stay indoors and enjoy the fire, like Lily and Little Jack.

But, as Lovella would say, I need to have my roots attended to 🙂

When I come back, I plan to make

This  (thank you Mennonite Girls!!)


This  (HT Scribbit!)

They will go in Christmas baskets of goodies for sister, brother and friends.

It’s curious to me, as a lifetime member of the Anne fan club and an Islander born, that I have never even wondered how Raspberry Cordial was made. Here’s the original recipe

I think I’ll follow Scribbit’s link and make the syrup. I bought some citric acid at the Bulk Barn yesterday so my cordials should last for a month in the fridge.

Of course, that’s only if someone like Diana doesn’t come to visit.


Happy Friday!

with love,


7 thoughts on “Friday

  1. I just happened upon your blog as sometimes happens. The amazing thing is – I just finished rereading the Emily books. How I love them. I’m a Grandmother, yet I still get lost in the wonderful stories. It’s getting late, but I will come again so that I can visit a bit more. This is a beautiful spot.


  2. All the best with the roots. . .I’m having mine attended to tomorrow .. .nothing like fresh roots for Christmas. . .All the best with your baking too. . . and do have a sit by the fire.I’m having grands for holiday sleepovers.. . .it’s a wee bit busy here in the bungalow. . .must run.


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