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It’s a blustery day here on the Island – winds are gusting to 100 kph (62mph)

I took this picture to show you the tree down

and then just as I turned around to take a picture of this sweet kitty,

I heard a crrrack

and whoah! Two trees down!

I was just about to post this and the power went out.

In the meantime, the temperature dropped and the wind picked up even more.

Our stove keeps us warm and cozy when the power is out. But doing without running water isn’t much fun, so I was very glad when it came back on a few hours later.

And of course, I could finish my blog post to you 🙂

Today I’ve been working on my clove studded oranges – they’ll go in my Christmas gift baskets.

Mmm mm

They have such a spicy, Christmassy smell

Too bad this picture’s not scratch and sniff.

This afternoon, I have a few more presents to wrap, some sugar cookies to bake and a menu to plan for Christmas Eve and Christmas day dinner.

Then, this evening, I think I’ll watch a movie from my Christmas collection ~  The Bishop’s Wife. Here’s one of my favourite scenes.


Hope you’re having a cozy day too!

with love,


13 thoughts on “blustery

  1. Thanks for all your lovely comments girls – I love having these little "visits" with you!! We survived the storm with no more trees down. They are old spruce trees with very shallow roots and we lose a few in every high wind storm. We’re trying to plant some new ones – pine and oak – so that we won’t be bare to the road when all the spruce are gone.Thanks for the link Jody – I’ll check out that blanket stitch. And I may have to send an SOS email :)Oh BTW – those cloves aren’t in straight lines – just poked in wherever. Some people do fancy designs but I was just trying to fill the whole thing in. My index finger was sore when I was done. I’ve read since that you can put masking tape on your fingertip – next time!Well now Tiggyfoc – I’m afraid to show Lily and Jack your blog – I think they might be demanding one for themselves :)Welcome Linda and Pam! I’m glad you dropped in.


  2. Hi, I just came over to visit, and I am glad I did. I enjoyed your blog and reading about you. I do not live on an island (sure seems like fun) but se have some things in common. I went to a Christian collage. My father died when I was three, forever changing our lives. I played with dolls (didn’t we all) forever. Played outside unless it was raining. I have MS and hope to live longer than 70 years (o: My brother is an alcoholic. Just to name a few. Merry Christmas. Stop by and see me. I think I came over from your comment on middle years.


  3. P.S.I meant to tell you, Kathie, that the blanket stitch is pretty easy (for the felt hearts) One of my favorite online stitch dictionaries is here: And then you can always search YouTube for embroidery stitches. (what did we ever do without YouTube?) Here’s one:

    but there are others. I love being able to see someone actually DO the stitches.Jody


  4. Falling trees do not seem like a good thing. Were they near to your home? We are used to power outages at our house too. This past May we were out for 19 days, but we had generators. Still, I know it’s not fun to be without running water. I’m glad you’re turned back on!Now….I never knew that is how you stud an orange properly. I always wondered how people could make such nice, even rows around an orange. Smart! And the smell…..I can imagine it.Merry Christmas.Stay warm.Jody


  5. Lorna says:

    Hi Kathie – Sounds like you are ready for Christmas. I enjoyed the movie clip — I’ve seen the modern version but not the original. We tried to get it from the library but all the copies were out. Oh well … Your orange looks (and I’m sure smells) wonderful. My guys had never heard of putting cloves in an orange … they thought something was wrong with the orange (I didn’t fill it like yours … ran out of cloves!!!). Have a wonderful Christmas – will think of all of you and miss you alot.


  6. It is actually a wintery day for us too. However I think you’ll have to chuckle when I say it didn’t get above 40 degrees. For us South Texans that is mighty cold. Last evening when we went to see our granddaughters in their Christmas Program, the wind was howling and it was 38 degrees (F). Only little granddaughters could get me out in that kind of weather:-)Sounds like you are nice and warm and cozy. I can almost smell those cloved oranges all the way down here. They look wonderful.


  7. Love your pictures…I could almost smell the cloves and orange!And we so enjoyed the movie clip! That movie is going on our list of movies to watch:)Hope you keep your power and enjoy the white and winds!


  8. The girl kitty looks cold, but very festive. She, like me, knows how to position herself in a perfect pose. You were wise to notice. Cats are much more interesting than trees any day.


  9. oh goodness. .stay cozy and warm and keep away from under those trees. I’ve been watching your weather. . .brr. We are back to near freezing temps. . now I hope it just doens’t melt for Christmas day.your oranges. . .smelll wonderful.


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