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Jeanne from At A Hen’s Pace let me in on a great way to celebrate the New Year!

L. M. Montgomery Reading Challenge

Carrie at Reading To Know is hosting an L.M. Montgomery  reading challenge for the month of January

Of course, Jeanne knew that I would be interested – and she’s right! I can’t resist!

Here is Carrie’s plan:

“1. Pick the Montgomery book (or books!) that you most want to read and then read them during the first few weeks of January. I’ll have a Mr. Linky up on January 1st through January 9th for you to link up to if you plan on participating in this challenge. All you need to have prepared on January 1st (or shortly thereafter) is a blog post pointing people back to the Mr. Linky post and challenge. If you’d like to say which books of Montgomery’s you plan on reading during the challenge, do so then! There are a great many to choose from.

2. Come back on Friday, January 30th, 2009 and link up however many Montgomery related reviews/posts you like.

3. Visit around and see what everyone else had to say about the Montgomery books that they read and learn as much as you can about Montgomery and her writings. Visit with people about what they read and why. Fellowship and just be in this different world.”

Hmmm …

Will it be Anne? or Emily? or Pat? Maybe Jane or Marigold? Perhaps Valancy or Kilmeny? I can’t decide.

Which L.M. Montgomery book would you like to read or re-read?

Help me out 🙂

Better yet, join in!

I bet we’ll meet some lovely new kindred spirits!


5 thoughts on “sounds like

  1. I have to say…I had NO idea LMM had written that many books! I just recently found the first two Emily books and was astonished to learn about them! (Haven’t started them…maybe I’ll join in with them:)Thanks for posting this! I’m excited to do some research on LMM and learn more about all her novels!!


  2. My fav Montgomery books have always been the Pat books – Pat of Silverbush and Mistress Pat. I found Mistress Pat in a public library some time ago, but haven’t found Pat of Silverbush. My fav character, besides Pat is the Irish maid Judy. Wonderful books!


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