endless gifts, memories

32 years ago today

there was a blinding blizzard

and everything on Prince Edward Island

was cancelled


the Sinclair ~ MacPhee wedding

I was 19.

He was 22.

We grew up together.

My mom told me 4 things to look for in a perspective husband:

  • if you weren’t going to marry him, would he be your best friend? (BFF)
  • how does he treat his mother? (like a queen)
  • would he make a good father? (the best)
  • does he make you laugh? (every day)

I’m so glad I listened.

Happy Anniversary sweetheart! You make me a happy woman.


23 thoughts on “32 years ago today

  1. Oh, wow! You two made an awesome couple – and I’m sure you still do! And your anniversary is the same day my first daughter was born 12 years ago 🙂


  2. annelies says:

    What a sweet post…..and many congrats. I have also told my children that when you marry, remember you also marry a family. Praise God, both of my married children are blessed in that way. Hugs and to many more years together. XXX Annelies


  3. Jill says:

    Happy 32nd fellow 1976 December bride! You do know the 32nd anniversary is Conveyance. Like a car…or a deed to something. B. got me new windshield wipers, a steering wheel cover and antifreeze windshield wiper fluid for our anniversary last week.. Sigh. Isn’t that just perfect…he still takes care of me after all these years!


  4. Lorna says:

    Happy Anniversary to you both – I remember that day well :>) … it was so nice of Roger to marry my best friend and make us sisters. He is good that way!!! You guys have certainly allowed God to work in you – and you are a wonderful example of a strong and fun marriage. I want for you many, many more years. Love you – Lorna


  5. You were just a baby! My daughter is going to be 19 in couple months and I can’t imagine her being married even though she is a very mature 19. You sure make a lovely bride and groom though!Love your mom’s advice. What a wise lady. I’m writing that down.Happy, Happy Anniversary to you both!


  6. Home Again says:

    Congratulations! How special. Your mother was wise and it sounds like you agreed with her and God has blessed you and your family. I think it’s so special that he is your best friend. My husband is my soul mate. What a gift. May you be blessed in the New Year.


  7. Happy Anniversary, Kathie! Beautiful picture of you both looking at the ring! You are the third couple I know whose anniversary is today…which is also my husband’s birthday. I always remember each of their annivs because of the date, and now I can remember that it’s yours, too. Hope your day was extra special.


  8. Margaret Cloud says:

    Your mom is right, those are good qualities to look for in a mate.. Your pictures are very nice, I wish you have a very Happy New Year.


  9. Margaret Cloud says:

    Your mom is right, those are good qualities to look for in a mate.. Your pictures are very nice, I wish you have a very Happy New Year.


  10. Happy Anniversary! I just skipped over from ‘What Matters Most’ to see what was so sweet out here…and now I know. Great photo…and such wise advice from your mom! (We also got married at age 19 and 22…and grew up together…but we have been married for 37 years.)


  11. Good advice! Ditto for boys to look for a wife. And I tell young people, don’t go looking for a spouse. Work on learning to be the best spouse possible and God will bring your life partner to you.Happy 32nd Anniversary! And many many more!


  12. Happy Anniversary. You found a good one. I did too and long marriages are a special thing these days. I just found your blog about a month ago and am enjoying hearing about your life on PEI. I want to visit there one of these years…


  13. Mom’s really do know best. . .Happy Anniversary Kathie and to your blessed husband as well. May you have many more years of looking back at the pictures and enjoying each and every memory that has caused you joy.


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