Blizzard blankets P.E.I.

That was the headline this morning in our local Island newspaper – the Guardian.  I read it online because there hasn’t been any delivery yet. 

We’ll be digging out for a while. We had a snowfall of 50 cm (almost 20 inches) – not to mention the drifts.

They are quite spectacular!

Like the one that filled in our walk and our steps right up to the edge of our deck!

How is a pup supposed to get out through that?

Roger to the rescue.

Braving the drifts.

Making progress.

Isn’t he a tidy shoveller?

And I just heard the plow go by.

Phew! I’m glad we will be able to get out.

We have a few last minute errands to get our baby – yes, our baby and our only daughter – ready to leave tomorrow for her 3 months DTS course with YWAM Orlando and then a 2 month mission trip to Jordan/India or Jordan/Thailand.

Do you want to hear the conversations going on in my mind?

  • “I’ve said goodbye to the boys –  and survived”
  •  “I can do it again”
  • “She loves the Lord and wants to serve Him”
  •  “It will be the adventure of her life”
  • “Oh dear – she’s my baby – how can I let her go?”
  • “I would have given my eye teeth to do the same thing at her age”
  • “She is going to sunny Florida”
  • “Hmmm can I figure out a way to go down and visit her??”


I would be in denial if I didn’t admit to feeling sad and afraid at times.

And each time I feel that way? I pray.

I’ve sent my boys out before her and it’s a hard thing for a mama to do.

But it is good.

This phrase from 1 Peter 2:25 has been my deep comfort:

My girl is going with the “Shepherd and Guardian of her soul”

and I know of no better Companion.

I’d be so grateful for your prayers – for Suzanne as well. Her daughter heads back to college this week. And Randi  who is also saying goodbye to two of her daughters this week. Randi says it well when she writes:

“Ah, this part of motherhood doesn’t feel like a good fit to me. I am having to put one foot in front of the other these days and trust God for the rest. Really, I know that this is actually a good place for me to be, although I can’t say it is comfortable. He is going to walk me through and show me how to do this. I know this because He has been faithful to guide me through every other phase of motherhood, and this one will be no exception.”

I’m thankful for the encouragement I’ve received from you, my friends.

It’s a gift from blogging that I didn’t really anticipate – this loving, prayerful support from a community of moms and grandmoms. I’m so grateful!

with love and thanks for you,

24 thoughts on “digging out

  1. Bev Klassen says:

    Wow Kathie – what alot of snow. It’s still snowing here on the west coast too – very unusual for us to have had almost a month of snow. I think it’s supposed to start raining later tonight but right now it’s still coming down- 12 inches since suppertime and still piling up. There is a hush in the air and such beauty! I can also identify with saying goodbye to children. How blessed we are to have a Heavenly Father who loves them more than we do.


  2. carolyn says:

    You must be so proud of your daughter but I certainly understand how hard it is to see her go.I hope you can go south to visit her.Take care,Carolyn


  3. eija says:

    Hmm… so that’s where all our snow went! Last year it went to Kansas, if I remember right.Well, I don’t really miss it. The two-three cm we have is enough to make things look a bit lighter and that’s all I need. No need to shovel!


  4. tonia says:

    you know i’m here, praying that His comfort is real and near. and praying for that girl going out into the world for the first time.(((k)))if i could, i’d be right over with something silly and something yummy and we’d make the world go away for a bit. :)much love,t


  5. Home Again says:

    Only the heart of a mother can identify with you….I feel like I go through this stuff almost every day.I want nothing more than the best for my family and support them in ways that will continue to develop the Kingdom.I get teary eyed thinking of you saying Good Bye.Let the tears flow and be humbly proud that she is serving God.


  6. Jody says:

    Oh My Goodness, Kathie! You really got buried in snow. Roger is definitely an expert shoveler. That’s a lot of snow in one whack. We’ve been getting a little here and a little there, but it’s piling up higher and higher and staying very cold so it never melts off. We like we live in the Arctic Circle.Thinking of you as you send your Baby out in the Big Wide World. It’s hard, isn’t it?~Jody


  7. Pam says:

    wow. that snow ids crazy. Pretty…but crazy. My daughter has been a missionary most of her adult life. The longest stretch was in Afghanistan. She is back in the states right now and i think she is settling down to live here. Missions becomes such a part of you, it is hard to live just a plain old normal life. She has had some wonderful experiences and speaks highly of YWAM. We gave them the wings, now it is time to watch them fly. (o: Blessings to you.


  8. Rhondi says:

    Hi KathieI saw you on Carolyn’s blog list so thought I’d stop by for a visit. What a lot of snow you got!! I grew up in Toronto so I remember some snowstorms like that. I hope your daughter has a wonderful time in YWAM. Some of our best friends have been YWAMers over the years. It is a great organization. She’ll do great.Hugs, Rhondi


  9. Martha says:

    You will be in my thoughts as your baby flies the nest. Not an easy time for you, but how wonderful that she is off on such an incredible and spiritual journey.Holy cow…that is a LOT of snow!!!!


  10. Sara says:

    Yes, we mothers do have a special something that tugs at our hearts so painfully when it is time to let our children go out into the world. My only child, a son (now 30), went out too soon and along paths I would not have wished for him but I always found comfort (and still do) in knowing that God knows and holds him dear….and also in remembering my own past and how the Lord has so wonderfully taken care of me even before I really knew him and through many wanderings and painful experiences. He brought me through it all right into the security of His bosom, and he can do it for our children too. Prayer is essential, and I join you in your prayers for your daughter.


  11. We had the same snowfall here. 50cm during the night, on top of all that we already had :-)The world looks filled with white beauty.


  12. Tracie says:

    Oh, my goodness, I can’t imagine all that snow! Your daughter will love sunny Florida, that’s where I live, and it is beautiful right now! In the 70s and sunny. My youngest is also in missionary service, and got back recently from Bulgaria and Greece. Don’t believe people who say you’ll have an empty nest. Once you’ve had children, you are never empty again. she’ll need you more than ever, just in new and exciting ways. And I am becoming a big fan of having grown children, it has all kinds of benefits of its own. I honestly feel like these are the years where we are rewarded by reaping what we sowed, and I think it will be like that for you as well!


  13. Thank you – thank you – thank you!! I am so very grateful for your prayers and sweet encouragement!


  14. Lynn says:

    My #1 daughter left for college this year and it is hard to let go or push them out of the nest when they need it. . Hopefully the things we’ve taught them, the knowledge that they have a good foundation will help both mothers and daughters get through it.


  15. Oh, a good blizzard is so exciting! Thanks for sharing the pics.And I am praying for you and your daughter…I can well imagine how you must feel. (My day is coming, all too soon!) DTS will be such a marvelous experience though! We have friends whose daughter just went through it two years ago.Blessings–Jeanne


  16. Lana G! says:

    Wow! That is a huge amount of snow! Love the pictures!Praying for you as you send your daughter off on what seems a great opportunity for her! I think it would be a fabulous idea for you to visit her in Florida! I’m sure you will "warm" up to that idea rather quickly!


  17. annelies says:

    What an interesting world this blogging is. My 86 year old mother has been reading to me outloud your blog and together we pray for you and your daughter. We are in California, and marvel at your snow. We think it is chilly here because we might get some rain!!!! Your blog is an encouragement to me and touches my heart because the sweetest times I have shared with my daughter ( now 27) were watching Anne Of Green Gables and the show Avonlea. She would make bitty invitations that said "put on your formal nightie" and she even learned to cook using the Anne of Green Gable cookbook. It is hard to watch our children grow toward independence. My Meghan is now married and just called to tell me about the snow in Lake Tahoe that she is enjoying. I spent the next few minutes telling her to be careful when driving and not to slip on the ice. Yes, Motherhood is not always easy, but it is most joyful!!!! Happy New Year. XXX Annelies


  18. Jill says:

    The adventures that make our children grow often give us growing pains!I laughed at the part where you said you wished you could have be doing what she’s doing when you were her age. Oh, just go ahead and do it yourself after you are retired! Give you kids a chance to pray for you. I imagine they *might* just think you are too old for this kind of risk taking. Not at all…not at all. Older, wiser and ready to roll.Glad the snow plows are a’comin’


  19. Willow says:

    I always have to smile at the headlines that tell us something we already know–there’s snow on the ground!Having sent two children to missy boarding school at age 6, one at age 8 and having sent a son to war, and all of them off to college, I do understand the feelings you are experiencing. My very wise mother in law told me that my job is to make adults, not children, and if they are ready to live on their own as adults, then I’ve done my job. I wouldn’t want grown-up-children. And when we let them go with open arms they find it easier to return to those open arms. AND it sure helps my prayer life! Blessings and prayers for you and your wonderful daughter!


  20. What an adventure–both the snow storm and the launching of your daughter. May God grant you the continued comfort of His presence!


  21. kelli says:

    Oh, Kathie…I can’t quite "feel" this yet, as my girls are still young. But…I can feel your heart through your words, and I ache for you. And yet…I have such joy that you have such a relationship and love for your daughter that brings this whirlwind of emotions:)I will be praying for all of you as you prepare and go through this.xo…kelli


  22. Julana says:

    Kathie,It’s been cold here, but at least we don’t have all that snow to contend with!Stay warm. :-)I’m glad your daughter has the opportunity to do this. The world is shrinking all the time. With cell phones and Skype, those separations aren’t as difficult as they used to be, in some ways.I hope she has a safe journey and develops good relationships with those she meets along the way.


  23. Lorna says:

    Kathie – I will be praying for you. Oh … I know these bitter sweet moments (as we have talked about). I tear up every time I think about Joel leaving. As a Mom, I’m so proud of him and excited for the new life he will get to enjoy with Kara, but also as a Mom, I feel like my heart will break at times. I’m going to look up 1 Peter 2:25 … thanks :>)Love you …


  24. ellen b says:

    Oh my look at that. I think your guy needs a bigger shovel and about 6 more bodies to help him :0)


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