12 thoughts on “cheery!

  1. I don’t have a blanket of white. Mostly wind and some fire on the mountain. That was a lot of color, but not the cheery kind. Like your yellow flower better. (o:


  2. Oh! You’ve inspired me to see what’s blooming at the grocery store to bring home and water–I could use some winter cheer. Our skies have been so gray, gray, interminably gray. As for your participation in MMM, it’s never too late to jump in–just take it from here and memorize what you can! I’ll put your link up right now! I’m delighted jou’re joining the challenge!


  3. Pretty little chickadee. We don’t have too many of them lately, but lots of bluebirds which I tried to take a photo of yesterday – but they thwarted all my efforts.


  4. carolyn says:

    Hi Kathie, Chickadees are so nice to have in the winter garden.I was surprised to hear that a northern cardinal was spotted on P.E.I. I would love to see one of those!I like the header on your blog. Are they your photos?Take care,Carolyn


  5. Is that little birdie a chick-a-dee? My great-grandma favored those above all as they danced around in their dapper suits. She hailed from Nova Scotia but lived on the Prairies of South Dakota most of her days. She was my FAVORITE family member (OF ALL) — she taught me to drink tea, hold a hanky ladylike-so, and notice the birds. Oh how I miss that sweet, sweet "Mammy" (our affectionate name for her). Your little birdie brought back a flood of memories . . . thank you. : )


  6. Two of my very favorite things! Definitely cheery.I haven’t had much time for blogging these days and am not sure I’ll be able to participate in the L.M. Montgomery reading challenge. But I’ll be reading all the posts I can!!


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