Island Life, winter


PEI has four distinct seasons:

  • Spring (aka mud season)
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter

In the spring, we wade around in our rubber boots, avoid clay roads and enjoy the return of colour to our world – vibrant green grass, unfolding leaves, bright yellow daffodils and multi-coloured tulips, flowering orchards with clouds of pink blossoms.

In the summer, we head to the water – because we are an Island people and are surrounded by miles and miles of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

In the fall, we take long drives down country roads to enjoy the bright array of autumn colour – the golden, scarlet, russet, tawny brown canopy of leaves.

And in the winter, we have snow – a pristine blanket of snow that sits like white icing on the evergreens and sparkles like a myriad of diamonds in the sunlight. Long blue shadows and curling drifts that hang like stationary ocean waves.

On a winter morning, there is a stillness that is hard to describe – a deep quiet interupted only by the soft whispering sound of falling snow.

We like a “good storm”, as long as everyone is inside, off the roads. We sit in front of the cozy fire and listen with delight to the long list of cancellations on the radio. It’s one of the perks when you live in snow country- storm days.

But we don’t just stay inside during the winter. We like to play in the snow.

There are snowmen and snowforts and cross-country skiing. Sledding, tubing and outdoor skating. Oh and ice-fishing. There is skidooing and down-hill skiing. And horse-drawn sleigh rides with steaming cups of hot cocoa afterwards. We like to explore the beach in winter and see the fantastic ice floes and bergs sculpted by wind and waves.

Every season holds its delight.

I’m out to discover some new winter fun today.

I’m not quite sure how it will turn out.

Drop in tomorrow and I’ll have pictures.

Happy Monday!

with love,


16 thoughts on “seasons

  1. I do’nt know how you can possibly stand living where you do. It’s TOO much beauty it could just break your heart!(Mostly I’m still just green with envy.)Were you born on the Island, btw? (Just curious. You do’nt have to answer my questions.)


  2. Oh how lovely. Ever since I first read/saw Anne of Green Gables I’ve wanted to live on your island. And after this beautiful post… Thank you for sharing a bit of your life with us!


  3. Lorna says:

    Kathie – Sometimes we think back to those family sleigh rides and remember how much fun they were – all the laughing and enjoying being VERY close together and also the singing … what wonderful memories. (Of course, I try not to remember just how COLD those times were as well.) The pictures were beautiful.


  4. carolyn says:

    Hi Kathie, I love the different seasons as well.You photographed and wrote about them so well.. Sounds like Wednesday could be one of those cosy storm days!Take care,Carolyn


  5. I love your description of winter….and am feeling a slight tinge of jealousy…the snowman is so cute…can’t wait to see some pics from today’s outing 🙂


  6. Home Again says:

    I love the distinct seasons. But this seasons dump of snow has brought many new challenges not only to all the farmers but to our whole city and following rural areas. We do not have proper drainage and it’s hard to see the land sitting under water. By now, I’m looking forward to seeing the sun…It’s supposed to shine this week.


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