snow fun

Place a candle in the snow

Make snow balls – it helps if you have sticky snow. The snow here today was quite powdery,  but it still worked.

Layer the snowballs in a circle around the candle, making the circle smaller with each layer.

Just before you put the final snowball at the top, light your candle.

So pretty and magical!

Especially when you turn off the porch light.

If you don’t have snow in your area, but still have cold temperatures, you can create an ice lantern.


with love,


20 thoughts on “snow fun

  1. I am living through you on this one. In Texas we have no snow. No ice. No nothing but a chilly wind and some dead grass!Thanks for sharing what people with snow do!!!!


  2. Oh! You have such a pretty snow lantern! The kids and I made one once from a Tasha Tudor book. Did she get the idea from you? Another good thing to do with snow. How about snow ice cream?Jody


  3. carolyn says:

    That is pretty cool! I think I will wait for this cold snap to pass before I try it though! Enjoy your books tomorrow.Take care,Carolyn


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