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It’s very cold here on the Island.

The temperature?  Minus 24 Celsius  (-11F)

With the wind chill?  Minus 37  ~ that’s – 34.6 in Fahrenheit.

The morning sun is not providing much warmth but it is lovely and bright, shining in through my kitchen windows. School is still on. Well, we’re known to be a hardy race here on the Island.

We are also noted for our love of weather talk and, this week, the main topic  is “keeping warm”!

So for my Friday Fav Five, I thought I’d share my 5 favourite ways to keep warm during an Island deep freeze.

1. Keep the home fires burning

2. Fill the kitchen with the aroma of home-baked goodness

Mmm mm – super easy pretzels!

3. Steaming hot, real chocolate, with marshmallows. In this cold weather, it’s purely medicinal. πŸ™‚

4. A walking video (especially after the hot chocolate)

5. And to warm my heart?

An award from a friend!

Thanks Carolyn!

Drop over and say hi to this fellow Island blogger, who has the most incredible green thumb that I have ever seen. Her garden pictures will make you “ooh and ah”!

A Prince Edward Island garden in the summertime – now there’s a thought to warm you!

Happy Weekend and keep warm!

with love,


For more Friday Favs, drop over to Suzanne’s at Living To Tell The Story.


21 thoughts on “brrrr

  1. I love your cozy ways to keep warm! They are all so cheery and pleasant. Snuggling up next to that stove with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book would be just about ideal. :-)Susan


  2. It has been awhile since my last visit, but I always enjoy your photos. Brrrr– being from South Carolina, I cannot imagine such cold– closest I’ve ever gotten is the Little House book The Long Winter. I can tell you that Leslie Sansone videos have gotten me into the best shape of my life!Have a lovely and tasty day!


  3. BRRRR>>> freezing I dontthink I can handle the cold!!! Come and visit my fave five which is about handling the Hot weather here in OZ!!!!Pretzel and hot choco!!!!! Hummmmmm Waaa Im trying to go on a diet!!!!!have a lovely cold day!!!!


  4. My first visit – via your comment on my blog. Thanks for dropping by.I had a dear friend with links to PEI – Judith Chambers, who was President of North American Baptist Women in 2005. I am sitting here typing, with the little Anne of Green Gables doll she gave me on the shelf beside me!Thanks for the link to pretzel recipe – I have been planning to make some since Christmas and this has spurred me on!!It is cold here in the UK today – but nothing like as cold as it is for you!blessings- ang xx


  5. -24? wow… We used to have Januaries and Februaries with long cold spells in those numbers – but no more. And I’ve noticed I’ve become a sissy: A miserable -12 seems like living on a North Pole! Today we have -8 and cloudy, whereas at my brother’s (Middle Finland) they have -19 and sunny. Well, I’m sitting inside using up the stock of tissues… πŸ˜€


  6. Oh my! I see what you meant by your comment on my blog…yikes! You know, I can’t begin to imagine what such low temperatures must feel like..I guess I could stick my head in the freezer for a slight sample??Your chocolate looks intriguing….and delicious. I’m almost ashamed to admit I use powdered chocolate mix on those rare occasions that the cold weather inspires a longing for hot chocolate (Mannheim Steamroller Cinnamon Hot Chocolate isn’t too bad though). I’m going to find some candy and give your recipe a try next time….chocolate, butter, milk and marshmallows – it can’t be too difficult!Sara


  7. So lovely!! In South Texas, we don’t even know the meaning of below anything!! I do long for those cozy, days when you’re all tucked-in at home. I so welcome rain!Enjoy your hot chocolate, pretzels and walking away the lbs in your coziness there:)


  8. carolyn says:

    Hi Kathie, I love how you are keeping warm! I messed up a bit on the blog award yesterday as I am not very good on computer links or typing for that matter so I had to get Andrew to help me and I was sending out the comments while Andrew was doing the links and so if you want to go back and grab the blog love award too and pass it on to three people you can but if you would rather not that is okay too. It sure is cold here but I am going to go and make myself some hot chocolate before heading in to visit my Mom at Beach Grove.Thank you for your kind comments.Stay Warm,Carolyn


  9. Home Again says:

    I have been watching the weather and realized it’s cold everywhere except here.It’s sunny, a bit frosty, and about 10 degrees.Anyways I love those pretzels. I will make them when I come back from my visit to the Chilcotin area.It’s winter there and we’ll be sitting around a cozy fire.


  10. Brrrr, you’re getting the deep freeze we were in through most of December and the beginning of January. But our chinook has come and we’re getting up to 10*C by tomorrow. The only trouble with that is now everything is becoming one big mess as the snow melts so fast rather than nice and slow. And the wind really howls at night. Unfortunately we did not have a lovely fire yours to keep us toasty.


  11. I need those things to keep warm, too! Except, I don’t have a fireplace! The pretzels and the hot chocolate look delicious. Our high today is to be 13. BRRR!


  12. Joanne says:

    We commiserate with you! In Ontario it was -28’c the other day without the windchill factor….don’t you just love the snowy crunch and the car engines that grumble and whine when you are trying to start them? On a positive note, think of all the bacteria/germs/bugs that are eliminated due to the cold. Also, I just heard from our farming friends that this cold snap followed by milder temperatures is good for the soil as it will help to loosen compacted soils:(, your blog is just so beautiful!All the photographs are lovely, the setting is so wintery and seasonal and cosy and homey!!! Also, I just received as a gift the book you just mentioned below….The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and am trying to get through my other books before settling into it with great anticipation: The book I am reading now has a lovely wintery cover with a woman x-country skiing:One Perfect Day by Lauraine SnellingLove your Tasha Tudor snow globe!Love your woodstove and hot chocolate!Love the snowmen!Thank you for your lovely inspiration!from a seasonal reader in Ontario, JoanneP.S. I hope and pray that your sweet daughter is settling into her YWAM experience and that she will come away from it enriched and excited about what God is doing!P.S.S. I know how you love anything Irish, so here is a prayer for you….click and enjoy:


  13. I guess when I saw "island" I was thinking tropics, and I was wondering what in the world kind of island is that cold!? Then I saw you were from PEI (Anne of Green Gables country!) And I thought it was cold here this morning at 13 degrees!! Brrrr. Looks like you have some cozy ways to keep warm, though!


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