Island Life, winter

parsnips and posies

There are two seasonal diversions that can ease the bite of any winter.
One is the January thaw.
The other is the seed catalogues. 
~ Hal Borland ~

Last evening the temperature rose.

This morning we woke to rain.

A January thaw.

The warmer air turns my thoughts to spring and seeds and sowing.

Even though planting season is a few months away,

this is the time to plan and to dream.


 Parsnips for the garden this year.

Roger and I are enjoying a simple supper dish this winter ~ Mashed Potatoes and Parsnips. Boil potatoes and parsnips together (3 to 1 ratio), drain, mash, add butter and a little cream. Season with nutmeg, salt and pepper. Oh. my. goodness. Delicious!


of a cut-flower collection ~ imagine these bright beauties, tucked in a mason jar, on the kitchen table.

*happy sigh*

Vesey’s is our own Island seed company.

Browsing through the pages of their catalogue, or surfing through their online version, has wiled away many a long, pleasant, winter evening.

I’m dreaming of parsnips and posies.

How about you?

with love,


13 thoughts on “parsnips and posies

  1. Home Again says:

    IT’s interesting how we so easily begin to think of the things of spring….It moves quickly upon us after the December month.Giving to our gardens and lawns and flower beds can be so calming.Enjoy planning….


  2. Hi Kathie, Beautiful photo of your thaw…I have really learned to enjoy parsnips the last few years. Yum.We had a holiday today (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day) so I’m going to be a day behind this week :0)Blessings on your week…


  3. Wow! From -35 to January thaw. I’m sure you were all glad for the reprieve. As for dreaming of warmer days, beautiful flowers, vegetable planning…I’ve been doing some of that myself. It really does lift the spirits!


  4. I have never seen parsnips before much less tasted them… they look like very pale carrots. Can they grow in a tropical climate?I am using the ‘first-letter method’ too, along with audio. It works when I manage to settle down to it. 😀


  5. I watched them plant parsnips on the old Victory Garden show on PBS. They took a long auger type thing and made a hole so incredibly deep, filled it with a really light loamy soil and planted the seed.Waited for it to grow. It was easy to bring out of the ground, very long, and straight as an arrow. I think they won a contest for the longest and best parsnip.I love reading your blog….always have been interested in your part of the world.


  6. I love mashed potatoes and I’ve always been a bit liberal in my use of nutmeg, but I’ve never tried nutmeg on my mashed. I’m thinking it would taste really good…It’s cloudy today and I think I’m going blueberry picking…


  7. Joanne says:

    I just recently bought parsnips for the first time…they remind me of carrots. I made a creamy parsnip and pear soup for our Welsh Christmas and it was such a hit, that I have been making it since….. I grated fresh nutmeg over the soup which gave it added flavour. Your meal sounds yummy!I remember driving past Vesey’s when I was in PEI and was very tempted….Think Spring!Until then…Keep warm and cosy!Joanne


  8. carolyn says:

    I am certainly dreaming of posies but I have only used parsnips in soups or shepards pie. I will have to try your idea now. Love your spring thaw photo. I am glad the extreme cold is past.Carolyn


  9. Oh my…those flowers!!! I had to just linger and soak them in for a long moment. I want a messy, free, wild English garden here. Haven’t had the time or funds to figure it out yet, but some day!And, I have to admit…I’ve never had parsnips. Maybe it’s time to try them! Enjoy planning and dreaming:)


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