13 thoughts on “light

  1. Those little fellows were here, too, on Sunday. In great numbers! I missed them then but today two of them came back and I’m sure I’ll post a photo at some point 🙂


  2. hope you had fun with the sun. It was almost hot here today. Took pics at the zoo yesterday and they were almost to sunny. Well, I am such a point and shoot girl (o: You take what you get I guess.


  3. carolyn says:

    Beautiful photo,Kathie. I have been struggling to get good photos of birds. By the time I get my camera ,get the right lens. rush to the window,and try to focus ,he has taken flight!Carolyn


  4. Sounds like a lovely way to spend a sunny day Kathie. I saw a big, fat robin the other day. It reminded me of God’s faithfulness and the constancy of His promises.


  5. Don’t you think God makes life so interesting? He surprises us with new and delightful things and decrees that various birds live in certain areas and not in others! I’ve never seen this bird before! I’ve never heard the name before. It is definitely uncommonly beautiful.When my husband and I visited the Southwest on an anniversary trip, I spotted so many birds living out there that don’t find their way to Virginia. It was so interesting! I loved all the new colors and types of birds we saw. Thank you for sharing one of your common birds that isn’t common where we are. Have a wonderful day in the sun.


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