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 November 25th, I was out on my morning walk with my camera. There had been a fresh fall of snow and all was quiet and still. Suddenly,  I heard a loud tap tap tap sound coming from the spruce grove that surrounds our house.

I looked up and saw a downy hairy woodpecker busily pecking away at a dead snag in the spruce.

The little fellow was preoccupied drilling holes, searching for insects in the rough bark. He paid no attention to me, standing right below, snapping one picture after another.

All of a sudden, I was startled by an aerial commotion – a whir of wings and feathers. Out of nowhere, a large, red headed bird flew aggressively right at the little woodpecker. It flew off in a panic.

I’m not a birder


doesn’t this woodpecker look like this one?

 I was trying to identify it when I read this information on the PEI govt. website. It comes from The Natural History Society of Prince Edward Island which retains and publishes records of bird sightings.

If it really is the red-bellied woodpecker, then I’ve had a rare sighting on PEI.

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Autumn – August 16 to December 14 – (southerly migration)  Accidental, 9 or fewer records per century.

Cool, eh?

I hope he sticks around.

But I bet the downy hairy woodpecker is of a different opinion.


with love,


14 thoughts on “On

  1. And you even got a photo of it! And that close! Or do you have a 20something x zoom?Let the natural society know. With your photo the visit is certainly recorded.


  2. Wow! That IS really cool! Totally looks like the Red-bellied woodpecker.I like your blog! The photo’s up top are so pretty.First time here… just popped over from A Simple Road. :o)


  3. I love to bird-watch and it is always so exciting to me to sight a bird that is "rare" in our area. How FUN this is! We have the downy here and sometimes the red-headed woodpecker but I’ve never seen a red-bellied woopecker. I wonder why it’s called "red-bellied" when it has a red head? Hmmmm.Great photos, Kathie.~Jody


  4. He looks very much like the pair that come to drink from our birdbath here in South Texas. I noticed them in the spring and was captivated. They have continued to come visit ever since.


  5. I love these pics….I see a woodpecker in a tree on my morning walks before the sun rises that is sillhouetted agains the sky that I keep thinking would be a really neat pic. You’ve made me want to try to capture him in a photo.


  6. That red belly looks exactly like a ladder back wood pecker down in South USA. Oh do I ever miss all the woodpeckers of the south…and hope Utah as a few of their own that would consider pecking away in our new back yard. On the other hand, the Canada geese? Not so much….


  7. Congratulations, Kathie!My husband is often stumped by woodpeckers. We have quite a few that visit us regularly, but they all seem to look like one another and the bird book isn’t much help at distinguishing them for us. I’d bet that having a picture to compare to the book would help us out tremendously.Will you be alerting the NHS of PEI to your sighting?XO


  8. carolyn says:

    Hi Kathie, Beautiful bird photos! I can’t seem do get clear bird shots , What lens do you use? I would love any tips that you can share-maybe you and Roger would be free to stop in for a visit sometime?We would love to have you!Take care,Carolyn


  9. Wow! How cool is that! I love all your woodpecker shots. The red breasted one you got a photo of is a little chubby one :0) How sweet to get a "rare" sighting with a terrific photo!


  10. Kathie, your photos are gorgeous! We have brown woodpeckers in my neck of the woods. Your bird is so pretty. Can you send photos to your local news station or newspaper? I bet they’d be happy to see them!


  11. Yes!!! It’s a red-bellied!! We are blessed to see them occasionally down here in South Texas. Aren’t they just gorgeous?! Love those downies, too! The other one we have is the pileated. Have you seen one of those? They are just magnificent!None of them frequent us, but when we are graced by their appearance, all else stops and we just marvel at their beauty!Maybe they’ll surprise you and come your way again!


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