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My brother, an avid birder, tells me that I probably spotted a female Hairy Woodpecker rather than a Downy Woodpecker.

They are difficult to tell apart, but Cornell Lab of Ornithology has an excellent article on the subtle differences in these woodpeckers.

Apparently the Downy Woodpecker has black speckles on the outer  tail feathers while the  Hairy Woodpecker (in the Eastern part of the USA and Canada) has completely white outer tail feathers. It also has a longer beak than the Downy Woodpecker. I checked through my pictures and, sure enough, this photo showed the outer tail feathers – no speckles.

My brother also told me that the Red-bellied woodpecker is becoming a little more common on PEI – one was spotted during the Christmas Bird Count.

I told him that I am going with the PEI Government website information – that in the autumn a sighting of the red-bellied woodpecker is an accidental sighting – 1 to 9 in a CENTURY!!!

So there!

I could almost hear my mom say “Will you two stop it!”


Happy Wednesday um, I mean Thursday! (Very very sad – LOL!)

with love,


11 thoughts on “update

  1. Woodpeckers are beautiful birds, you are so blessed to have seen this one! I used to enjoy bird watching as a child.Thanks for your comment on my Anne’s House of Dreams review…lol I’ve edited it since you read it…I was rather delirious with tiredness when I wrote the version you read and was a little disjointed; so it’s a changed a little since you commented.I do enjoy all your photographs and I also enjoyed reading your post at Reading to Know, how wonderful to be related to Montgomery…she has a sadder story than I realised.


  2. ah. . with four brothers. .. . .I say go to the governemnt with your findings. . .and gloat. . gloat. .after all you took the picture and where are his pictures? Nice job.


  3. LOL…gorgeous pic, too!I have no idea what exactly kind of woodpecker I saw at my feeder early this a.m. but…it sure looked like the one in this picture. Enjoy your day


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