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Friday faves

A few lovely things from my week:

1. An Island Harp workshop last Saturday.

An effort to get out in the dead of winter, but oh, so worth it!

17 harpers making  music together – such a sweet sound.

2. These two ~ a constant source of cuteness.

3. Where did I find out about this book?  Susan? I can’t remember but a thank you to whomever it was! The Shape of A Year is one of my favourite genres – a chronicle of daily life in the country. I borrowed it from the library but 3 weeks wasn’t long enough. I broke down and ordered my own copy.

4. We had our house painted last summer and I have two new window-boxes on order for the windows on our deck. I’m having fun making plans. Isn’t this a pretty arrangement? I don’t really have a good track record with window-boxes but hope springs eternal in the human heart 🙂

5. The Common Redpoll ~ a cheery little sight at our feeder.

What was your favourite lovely thing  this week?

I’m looking forward to hearing about it!

with love

PS- For more Friday Faves, visit Suzanne at Living To Tell The Story

Hey there Suzanne –  Cute new Feb. button!!


19 thoughts on “Friday faves

  1. Yes, Kathie, I talked about the book on my blog. I loved it (have read it more than once), and, like you, it’s a favorite genre of mine.Catching up on my blog reading… Lately, I’ve only had time to post and sign off. I feel out of the loop, and it’s really nice to catch up with you again, Kathie. I so enjoy reading here and seeing your gorgeous photos.Blessings to you,Susan


  2. What a wonderful list! Your window boxes are gorgeous, and I simply must find The Shape of a Year … my daughters will love it.I also enjoyed the 106 things in your About Me section, too. You’ve been to the Swiss L’Abri — How marvelous! I’ve been to countless L’Abri conferences, but not yet to any of the L’Abri locations.


  3. I just stopped by to say hello and see what you’ve been up to. Wow, wish I could have heard all those harps in one room…that must have been quite something. I saw a special on TV once about harpists at a castle somewhere in Ireland. it was fascinating,The book "The Shape of a Year" is intriguing….I must look for it. I’m adding it to my list for later…I have so many I’ve still got to read. Just waiting for my re-retirement – Feb 13th, when I’ll have more free time!Sara


  4. My step dad swears by putting spaghum moss in the window boxes, and his plants always look fantastic. I don’t know if I spelled it right, but apparently it really helps regulate the moisture. I’d love to hear you play harp. Maybe we could have a jam session – I play snare drum! let’s see, what do we need for a third instrument, to have chamber music? Very eclectic, but it might be cool.


  5. lol….most of my fave things I listed were food related!Love the pic of the bird. we have been getting jays, cardinels…we have a pair who are constantly at the feeder and nuthatches. AND we even had a woodpecker this past week?Lovely pics and great list.have a blessed weekend


  6. I just wrote down the book name and author and now I see others have too. As a girl I wanted to play the harp! The piano was just so ordinary. I would have loved to listen in on the workshop.


  7. Those harps sure are pretty, Kathie! I can imagine the sounds coming from them match their looks. I recently discovered Lisa Lynne, a harp player…have you heard of her?…something lovely from my week? That Brian had a snow day!XO


  8. Great list! That is a beautiful bird. I have never seen one in our neck of the woods. And the harp music, oh my, that would be such a lovely thing to experience. I’m also writing down that book. Sounds delightful … and right up my alley.have a wonderful weekend.


  9. LOL. Thank Kathy. Thought I’d get button brave. ;v)Who knew there were that many harp players on a little island. I’ll bet it was lovely when everyone played.As always, love, love, love the bird picture. Did you capture that?


  10. Wow I bet all those harps together sounded heavenly!! I’ll look forward to seeing those window boxes come Spring :0)I always love your sweet birdie shots. Have a wonderful weekend.!!


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