I used to be a great list person.

Lists for everything

  • for groceries
  • for housework
  • for household projects
  • for children’s chores
  • for reading
  • for exercise
  • for things I wanted to do
  • for things I didn’t want to do
  • for spiritual growth
  • for fun family activities
  • for menus
  • for simple meals
  • for fancy meals
  • for creative projects
  • for date nights

Some worked well and some didn’t work so well.

Some lists added a much needed structure and guidance to family life. Others were helpful reminders of good things to add to my daily life.

Some lists were overly ambitious, unrealistic and just burdensome.

I used to get immense satisfaction from a completed list. Checking off items was fun.

The opposite was also true – if items on a list were not “checked off”, I became discouraged.

These days I look at life differently

  • from necessity ~ which is another post all together
  • from choice ~ also good post material

My life is much more simple.

And so is my list-making.

Every day there are only two things on my list – two things that I look to accomplish in some way.




Oatmeal bread ~ order plus beauty. I love when something does double duty šŸ™‚

I would like to write more about this, but right now I am heading out the door to a Women’s Bible Study.

(another double-duty)

I hope today that you find time to add some beauty and order ~ and I would love to hear about it.

with love to you,


9 thoughts on “simple

  1. I still use my lists because my memory is frightful and my current life is anything but simple. I look for the simple things– Beauty: today it was spinning some wonderful silk/wool blend while listening to a Celtic Woman cd. Order: doing the laundry and folding it as it came out of the dryer.


  2. Susan at HDH recently linked to a post that she had written a few months back, and it is so similar to this!I love this way of living! I, too, used to live by lists, and God has slowed that down in the last few years:)For beauty and order today…beauty…making the memory keepers (which…I’d be happy to send one your way! I’m working on a couple more right now, and I should have some extra fabric. They’re not the best…especially since this is my first sewing project, but they are pretty and will work! If you’d like one, send me an email! My email is on the ones t sent out earlier today.)And order…making sure things were cleaned up immediately after using them today. It makes such a difference!Thanks for this inspiring post!


  3. Home Again says:

    I can smell the bread. I too used to have lists, but I look at each day and ask myself, What’s important for tomorrow and go at it….Relationships are very important and therefore I will let other things go….Cleaning house can be done any day and any time.


  4. I find I am writing fewer lists these days. Sometimes I just do it backwards and write in my Journal the things I’ve done during the day. I like the idea of just Beauty and Order. My life would be so empty without either. I can’t really enjoy the beauty if there isn’t a bit of order around me.


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