9 thoughts on “snow play

  1. That looks like fun. There is a festival like that in Hikkaido, Japan, which is the most northern of the four main Islands. I read about it in a book about Japan almost 20 years ago before I came here the very first time as a college student, and thought that I would really love to go see it some day. I have been living here for 14 years now, and I still haven’t been! February isn’t really an easy month to get away. I would love to see photos of some of the finished carvings.


  2. And here I was gloating about the last snowfall of the year. It snowed a little ways away .. but so far, my theory is holding true. Nevertheless, now I’m jealous of you .. Enjoy that delightful looking midwinter celebration.


  3. Home Again says:

    Play for me….Looks like a fun carnival. The only carnival we could have is a canoe race when the waters were high…Instead it was a state of emergency.We have a light frosting this morning.


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