Friday Five

Well, it’s a blustery February Friday here on the Island

Schools are cancelled and even the plow operators are having difficulty with blowing snow and whiteouts.

It’s also the first day of the Great Backyard Bird Count

Feb. 13-16 – the 12th annual Bird Count. Birders all across the continent will spend 15 minutes a day identifying and counting birds.

Even beginning birders ( like me!) can participate – there is a regional bird checklist to help you identify the birds that you might see in your area at this time of year. Just enter your postal code or zip number.

Then you enter your list on the website. There is even a photo contest.

I thought for my Friday Fave Five, I’d show you the birds that I hope to see over the next 4 days.

Although. maybe not today! I hope that with winds of 70 km, all the little winterbirds are safely huddled in thickets, under barn eaves or tucked away in hollow trees.

Here are the birds that were seen in our area in last year’s BackYard Birdcount.

1. Common Redpoll

These are the most common visitors to our bird feeder and were top on the list of birds identified  last year.

I love the bright red crown.

2. Common Crow

Not a lovable bird – but there are a lot of them around. They were number 2 on the list last year.

Black Ducks were third on list.

Other common birds sighted on the Island include these regulars to my feeder –  I hope they show up during the count this year.

3. American Goldfinch – 119 sightings.

4. Black-capped Chickadee – 245 sightings

5. Blue Jays – 430 sightings.

And I’ll leave you with one extra favourite for Friday Five.

Prince Edward Island’s regional bird list says that I just might see this bird in the Feb.Great Backyard Birdcount.

But I don’t think that it will have such a lovely, blossomy setting!

6. Pine Siskin

Check out more Friday Faves at Suzanne’s Living To Tell The Story.

And a special Happy Valentine’s weekend to you!

with love,


23 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Lita says:

    Thanks for the link for the bird count! I put in 15 minutes today and we had over a dozen species at our feeders! Love reading your PEI musings………and your photos are beautiful!!


  2. Oh I didn’t realize you were on P.E.I.! I so wanna go there someday! hubby and I were gonna go there for our 10th but I just couldn’t leave my little guy for the 10 days like we had planned… lol… mother heart! But we sure hope to still go sometime… I just love all the bird photo’s… makes me wanna become a birder. They are so beautiful, aren’t they… most of them, anyway!


  3. I love to watch birds. So far the only ones I see regularly are black-capped chickadees, downy woodpeckers, and lots of sparrows. Out in the pastures and feed lots I see gray partridge and sharp-tail grouse. Happy Birding/Counting!Jody


  4. Home Again says:

    My favorite are the goldfinch and the blue jay. They are so beautiful. I can see you just standing with your slr, in silence and patience waiting for the right moment.


  5. In Finland the backyard bird watch was in January – and the time was not 15 mins but an hour, but we were only asked to do it on one day. But no photo contests for us! I wrote about it in my blog, here: http://eija.writeouts.com/?p=423It was the first time for me to participate this year. I saw 10 different species, even though all the sparrows were out of town, the black birds gone, as well as the coal tits and then some. But it was a great catch anyway 🙂


  6. Susan says:

    I found your blog by accident – such lovely photos! I live in Switzerland but have always loved P.E.I. because of Anne of Green Gables. Some day I hope to visit. Thanks for blogging.


  7. Kathie, I think I look forward to your Friday Five each week! i enjoy all the things that you see as important in your world. I absolutely love, too, seeing birds from other regions, especially when they are so new to me!


  8. kelli says:

    I’m going to check this out! We love to birdwatch:)My daughters were wondering when the pine siskin would be coming our way…what a beauty! On a side note…I keep trying to leave you comments, but apparently my URL is invalid?! I’ll just keep trying!


  9. Mo says:

    Hey, now THATS really kewl (thanks for the link!)…I’m a VERY amateur birdwatcher myself, and that might just be a fun little project over the weekend! Hope YOUR weekend is wonderful – and that you see LOTS of little birdies!


  10. I’m going to quickly phone my neighbor and have her start photographing and counting! She’s got a lot of feeders and just loves the birds. Enjoy a cup of tea and the view of hungry birds pecking away at the suet and seeds. And thanks for dropping by my blog.


  11. carolyn says:

    Great bird photos. We have at least 5 squrrels at our birdfeeders but of couse the birds come too. We have had a red fox circling our house all morning so I got a few shots of him too.Happy Valentines Day!Carolyn


  12. Oh brrr! I hope the little birdies find good cozy places to hide today, too. Your bird photos are just amazing. I hope you spot a lot when the weather clears for you! I wonder how those ice carvings are coming too in this weather :0)Have a nice cozy Valentine’s day!


  13. I love to watch birds. So far the only ones I see regularly are black-capped chickadees, downy woodpeckers, and lots of sparrows. Out in the pastures and feed lots I see gray partridge and sharp-tail grouse. Happy Birding/Counting!Jody


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