Primula make rather a dramatic statement when they need attention, don’t they?

Look at the drooping blossoms and limp leaves.


So pathetic.

This characteristic makes them an excellent plant for the challenged houseplant owner,

such as,

yours truly.

I need a plant that calls out – water me!

Otherwise in a fit of plant piety, I overwater.

Result?  Death by drowning


conversely, I forget all about them.

Result? Death by dehydration.

The primula response to a little watering is very gratifying.


Same plant, a few hours after watering.


Isn’t it a sweetheart?

I love you primula.

You make me feel like a miracle worker.



Happy Tuesday!

with love,


7 thoughts on “drooping

  1. Glad you are on the mend. Remember to take probiotic to avoid a yeast outbreak after the antibiotics. And yeah, it is amazing how the primroses do such a dramatic swoon then revive again with water. I have several pots in my house, and just love their sweet colorful blooms.


  2. carolyn says:

    Hi Kathie, Glad you are starting to feel better. We missed getting to Jack Frost too because our car broke down so nice to see your friends photos. Cute post on your primula’s.Take care,Carolyn


  3. Kathie, it made me smile to see your photos because my mom gave me a little pot of those *exact* flowers– color and everything– for Valentine’s Day. So pretty, and I’m glad to see that they take well to miracles because, the way I take care of plants, mine are likely to need a resurrection at some point, too! 🙂 I hope you’ll feel completely well very soon. BTW, I always mean to say that I enjoy the "what you’re reading" list in your sidebar. I often look into the books you post there.Susan


  4. kelli says:

    Wow!!! What a beauty! That is exactly the type of flower I need…one that talks to me and tells me what it needs:) I wonder if they grow in Texas?!So glad you’re feeling better! Nothing like a kidney infection. Hope those antibiotics kick in quickly!


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