of baskets and beauties

What happens when the pinecone basket is empty?


Little Jack has some ideas

Sleeping beauty.

And speaking of beauty …

The sun is streaming through the kitchen windows this morning

A little flock of Redpolls is perched in the flowering (that’s a hopeful description!) crab tree outside.

I can hear the chickadees calling each other in the spruces.

Perfect  for a winter walk.

Blessings to each of you this day!

with love,


11 thoughts on “of baskets and beauties

  1. Little Jack should wander over to the orange cat website Ginger Darlings of Wales and kept up with what some of UK orange brethern are up to. He looks like he needs inspiration.


  2. Hey EllenWe may have what I would call "real winters" but we are nowhere near Newfoundland”s harsh climate. We are surrounded by the Gulf and the warm waters of the strait – we have 4 distinct seasons – spring (true it’s a little too long and muddy – I’m being completely honest), the best summer in the whole world – around 70 degrees with a sea breeze (occasionally too many mosquitoes if you live near a salt marsh) – the most stunning autumns – and a bright, sparkling cold, but not bitterly so, winter. How’s that?? And on top of that we’re the only place in North America that actually saw an increase in the economy. So come on, pack your bags – I need a walking partner 🙂


  3. Well Jack really knows how to relax! Enjoy your sunshine.We had the funniest conversation last night. Dear is thinking we might need to flee the U.S. so he says what island does that friend of yours live on. I say that would be pretty drastic change of weather for you dear. Then he says could you google a map please. Sees how close it is in relation to Newfoundland and says yep, probably a little to cold…


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