It’s Friday Fave Fifty– oops, I mean Five

Sorry Suzanne

I got carried away

I couldn’t stop.

So many things make me happy:

  1. a baby’s kiss
  2. a husband’s love
  3. my boys laughing
  4. my girl dancing
  5. my kitties purring

  6. my pup burying her nose in the snow and then flinging it up in the air
  7. colours – what is it? I don’t know red, blue, yellow, green, purple, all make me happy
  8. memories – my mom picking brown-eyed susans along an Island country road

  9. words – like lovely and lullaby and linger
  10. light streaming in the kitchen windows

  11. a sunrise, a sunset, the deep purple of twilight
  12. breathing in the salt air with the summer sun warm on my face

  13. music  – listening
  14. singing harmony
  15. acappella voices
  16. playing guitar, harp, piano, violin – makes me sing inside
  17. drawing – pencil lines connecting to create a likeness

  18. and learning how to add colour
  19. shapes, contours, curves, looking for details – seeing things in a new way – fresh perspectives
  20. friends – laughing and crying together
  21. a tight hug
  22. books – reading a good story that draws me in – so that I could recognize the character walking down the street and saying, “Hi Jo”. (of course you know that book:)
  23. working with food – cutting carrots and seeing the yellow core against bright orange, the pink circles in deep red beets, the feel of dry onion peels and the pungent warm spicy smell of cardamom
  24. the touch of skin to skin

  25. the feel of warm silky beach sand running through my fingers
  26. the curling coolness of ocean’s edge on my feet

  27. the smoothness of sea glass washed and polished by how many waves? I could never guess – over and over until all sharp edges are gone.
  28. lessons from nature like # 26
  29. and rain softens hard earth and tears soften hard hearts
  30. and mountains are impossible to move with human hands but faith will move mountains of impossibility like tossing a pebble in the sea
  31. and that’s my God who said that – and He is the source of all happiness in my life
  32. I smile when I think of Him
  33. the sun beaming down on me feels like His blessing
  34. the moon and the stars in the night sky are like His nightlight

  35. always shining somewhere – no darkness even when obscured by clouds
  36. and that’s faith
  37. and that also makes me happy – because it is the best of gifts.
  38. I have almost 52 years of living  – that’s worth celebrating!
  39. more things – candlelight flickering on a winter evening

  40. birthday candles and the memory of my children’s shining faces as they blow them all out.
  41. walks on a summer evening with the scent of salt drifting in from over the strait
  42. long walks on the beach in the early morning with the mist hovering over the sea
  43. rambling walks in the autumn kicking through crimson, golden, burnt sienna leaves
  44. winter walks where the sun shines so brightly that the whole world seems to shine with glory

  45. spring walks with the fresh smell of rain and earth waking  and green growing things.
  46. a daughter whose soul is being stretched
  47. to hear my children are walking in the truth – I know no greater joy than this.
  48. the gift of being alive
  49. and knowing that it is not just for here – for now – but for eternity
  50. and giving thanks for endless gifts

Now I am going to leave you with this sweet, quirky little music video. I was listening to it while I typed out my happy list. It’s sure to make you smile!

The video was created by Andrea Dorfman. The music is written by Tanya Davis. I had watched this video before but hadn’t realized that Tanya Davis is a Prince Edward Islander. Her album “Gorgeous Morning” is up for an East Coast Music Award this weekend. Hope she wins!

Wishing you a weekend filled and overflowing with things that make you happy.

with love

PS – To join in the Fiday fave 5s, drop over to Suzanne’s at Living to Tell the Story.


18 thoughts on “happy

  1. Home Again says:

    I love your simplicity in the things that you enjoy. Thanks for keeping us posted and real….It’s good to learn to be content with those simple things and count them as true blessings.


  2. Isn’t it wonderful when these paeans of praise just sweep over us and thankfulness comes tumbling out of our hearts so beautifully! Thank you for sharing your list. It brought a bit of brightness and some sparkles of joy to me just reading it. I enjoyed the video too.


  3. Kathie. . .what a blessing to pop in on friends and see the things that make them thankful. It is a bit of a nudge to remember the things that God has blessed us with.Blessings on you my friend, have a wonderful weekend.


  4. Lorna says:

    Kathie – Thank you for reminding me to STOP!!! Sometimes I get so caught up in the "end" [checking off my list :>)] that I miss the journey. Have a great, relaxing weekend.


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