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See my dear little calendar and memory card keeper?

They grace the table beside my reading chair in front of the woodstove.

I’ve been enjoying my calendar since the beginning of the new year.

It came all the way across the continent from Oregon – as far west as you can go.

Thanks again Tonia – xo!

And my memory card holder is all the way from down south in Texas.

Kelli made the little card keeper for my 3 by 5 Scripture memory verse cards.

As you all know by now, I’m “craft challenged” 🙂 so Kelli whipped it up for me and popped it in the mail.

What a treat to see the package arrive yesterday. It’s perfect Kelli! Thank you!

ToniaKelli,  Katrina,  Beth and I are working together on the book of Philippians.

Philippians ~ this week: Phil. 1: 11-12



It’s a blessing to have like-minded friends holding me accountable

and cheering me on as I grow in my faith.

I am so thankful for all the friends I’ve met through blogging.

Such encouragement, prayer, laughter and love from so many of you.

Thank you!!

To tell you the truth, I didn’t really expect that when I started blogging.

It’s been the sweetest gift of all.

I am deeply grateful.

with love and thanks for you!


8 thoughts on “friends

  1. i have the same little calendar right here next to my computer. it makes me think of my sweet blogging friends around the world….such a are a blessing and a treasure worth keeping.


  2. kelli says:

    Oh, Kathie…thank you!! What a beautiful, sweet post!!I’m so glad you like it and that it will work!And now I need to get my tail in gear! I haven’t even copied the verses for this week yet! I like how you’ve skipped a line in between on your cards…I wonder if that would make for easier memorization?! I may try that at some point!Thanks again, dear friend:)


  3. OH Kathie. .On occasion I have some friends look at me crosseyed at my blogging. I just smile. .for if they knew the beneifts of the encouragement. .they’d be all over it. .That is why I pop by here everyday.


  4. When we follow through with our kind thoughts it is so encouraging to others as is demonstrated with these thoughtful gifts. Encouragement is really big in God’s economy and I pray that I’m ready to be an encourager every day. Blessings on you as you enjoy your gifts and memorization…


  5. Home Again says:

    How special to have friends. I just came in from my walk, there was a bouquet of flowers from a blogging friend who I have not even met…She says she prays for me daily…as she drives past my house. The blogworld has truly become an amazing place to meet others and give genuine care. I’m feeling so elated…


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