indulge me

just for awhile.

We’ve had

  1. ice the last few days
  2. snow is coming this afternoon
  3. rain will fall later on in the evening (a spring-like sign although messy)

I’m slightly weather weary,

a state of mind common to Islanders around this time of year.

What’s a girl to do?

How do you lift your spirits when you are enduring what seems to be the never-ending winter?

Go to the beach with your beach buddy, of course.

And since it’s the day for Friday Fave 5, we’re taking you too.

1. Here we are, on an Island beach during the first week of March.

Maybe not the typical image you imagine when you think of a beach scene.

But as I mentioned in my title, indulge me.


2. You need to dress a little differently for this beach excursion.

As you can tell. modesty is not an issue.

*double grin*

Sunglasses are a must – sun on snow can be blinding.

Ski poles help test the snow depth and apparently intensify the exercise effort.

So bring them along.

And don’t forget your camera of course.

3. Take a walk along the beach

er …

or on the water.

It’s kind of hard to tell the difference.

4. See what you can discover

In a world of white and blue, that can be a challenge.

But if you look a little more intently, you may be surprised to see what you find.

Tiny tracks.


Crimson berries against pristine white and brilliant blue.

5. Sunbathe – don’t forget some sunscreen for your face.

The sun really can get warm.

As you can tell by the unzipped jacket.

Ah  .  . .

it does the heart good to get outside in the freezing invigorating air šŸ™‚

And lest you might be tempted to feel slightly sorry for us Northerners,

fast forward a mere month and this is where you’ll find me.

Same place

I’m always amazed by the seasonal transformation on Prince Edward Island.

In just 3 short months,

 I’ll be taking quite a different walk.

And there will be no more “walking on water”

Now that’s a happy thought.

Have a wonderful weekend!

with love,

PS – for more happy thoughts, visit Suzanne’s Friday’s Fave 5 at Living to tell the Story

Hey Suzanne – love your new FFF springtime badge!


16 thoughts on “indulge me

  1. Still in the depth of winter here in Finland. It snowed AGAIN today after a weekend of sunshine and a touch of hope of Spring. OuchLove your photos -and was glad you reminded us that the spring/summer really IS waiting for.blessings xx


  2. It’s pretty hard to feel sorry for someone who is winter-weary in a place like that! šŸ˜€ But I’ll try to summon up some sympathy… Gorgeous photos, and you live in a truly amazing, magical place!Susan


  3. Your weather sounds much like ours this winter. We’re just now beginning to see what’s underneath the snow/ice. Glorious mud! Which is a welcomed thing in our area. I loved walking with you here today. The kayak weather looks SO exciting!Jody (who’s anticipating spring/summer with you)


  4. Oh lovely Kathie šŸ™‚ I loved the picture of the crimson berries and the lighthouse.Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.I hope spring comes sooner than later.


  5. I would just never think of a walk on the beach involving snow, but your beautiful pictures really do make it look enjoyable. Your photos are just gorgeous (as always) It won’t be long till spring :)xo


  6. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Your name, island sparrow, is very familiar. I must have read comments you’ve left on other blogs. Oh, and what an island! My favorite in the world. We visited a few times when our kids were little, and it felt like home. The beauty, the music, the beaches where we were the only people were amazing.


  7. Kathie! Good for you guys getting out and about and enjoying the scenery. The blue against the snow is so amazing. I really love that light house shot. So pretty…every photo…


  8. Home Again says:

    I remembered last years post in your kyack and of course you added a few pictures from the summer beach scene.Magical memories. I loved the picture of the lighthouse with the crimson berries. Fantastic Shot….


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