The sun shines brighter and longer each day

and the lengthening rays soften winter’s grip.

Inside, hyacinths bloom


blooming (click to enlarge)

And outside, by a sunny, southwest wall, daffodils sprout.

daffodil shoots 

Last week, an ice-covered expanse

and this week?

The Strait re-appears.

It won’t be long until this …

What signs of spring can you see?

Happy Tuesday!

with love,


11 thoughts on “signs

  1. You know what they say about brilliant minds…:)Honestly…I didn’t see your photo before posting mine.Nothing tops the photos of the sea…..Beautiful!


  2. I’m glad your daughter is enjoying Florida. I’m not surprised! But at the same time, your island is so lovely I thought she might miss it, too. As for the 3rd Anne, I couldn’t even watch but about 15 minutes of it. I was actually just plain mad! He has 7 books to work with, for Pete’s sake! Even the second one was borderline, but at least had a bunch of "conglomerate" characters. But the 3rd was, as he admits, pure fabrication. Which hardly seems fair to L.M. Montgomery! Oh, well, at least we have the first one!


  3. carolyn says:

    Hi Kathie, I think the only sign of spring that I see are the potholes in the road!! I do love the longer days and stronger sun.All my flower beds are still under snow-oh,well all the sweeter when the garden finally returns.Take care,Carolyn


  4. I took a walk at an ecological reserve this evening! All the birds and wildflowers were out in all their glory. It was wonderful!That last picture sure does look inviting!!


  5. Isn’t it exciting to see those flowers beginning to come forth from the earth! We’ve been enjoying spring a little longer here so far south of you, but it is still wonderful every day.


  6. Ellen, your sign of spring is our sign of summer! Our birds haven’t returned yet but it won’t be too long.Tracie – my opinion of the third AOGG? thumbs down. Why didn’t they just follow the books?? There is a great story line there. Sarah was at the beach on Sat – so you can just imagine how much she’s enjoying Florida!! 🙂


  7. Well, we don’t have seasons as pronounced as yours… but still, the birds herald spring everywhere. Here, it is very dry, and the sky has a special look. A profusion of petunias says spring to me. It’s already getting a bit too hot, but it still cools off some at night, which it won’t do in summer. Is your daughter still in Florida? What does she think of spring here?I’m curious… what did you think of the 3rd Anne of Green Gables movie? I won’t tell my opinion until i hear yours.


  8. The sign of Spring I’m waiting to see is my favorite Strawberry stand opening! One thing that struck me walking yesterday were the birds in abundance flitting about and chirping up a storm…


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