Notice the date?

All the numbers divisible by 3 and their sum too!

And in keeping with that theme, look what appeared last week at the farm of our good friends Peter and Jennifer.

triplet rams

It was hard to get a clear picture. They are rambunctious little guys – not very interested in a photo shoot 🙂

Last Sunday morning, this tiny fellow made an appearance in church for the children’s story.

Peter held the lamb on a blanket, tucked up close to his heart,

and told the story of the Good Shepherd  ~ the One who holds us in the same tender and loving way.

Children and adults alike, were enthralled.

We won’t be forgetting that visual soon.

Well, I hope the lambs are cozy in Peter’s barn today, because even though the sun is shining brightly, a brisk north wind is pushing the mercury down.

I don’t even want to tell you the temperature, but let’s just say I’ll be keeping the homefires burning today. 🙂

with love,


12 thoughts on “3/12/09

  1. I can imagine the very intrigued, listening children in church that day. Nice photos. Oh, and I like your new banner and the wallpaper is nice too.Jody


  2. I love the sheep and your new colors and header. Next week we’re headed to the Maple Festival where we’ve actually seen lambs being born. Amazing.


  3. I think you’re getting the frigid weather that just left us. We truly do have spring like weather today. And you’re blog looks lovely in her new spring dress. Sweet, sweet pictures.


  4. Dear Kathie,Your blog has blown me away. I have read through the front page and adored every word, photo, and illustration. Thank you for such a wondrous way to begin the day.All the best, Lana


  5. grammy says:

    I almost didn’t know where I was…new background and all. Very nice by the way. The babies are so cute. Today is my Birthday. All multiples of three (which I had not even noticed not being a number person). I need to find a place to go visit baby lambs.


  6. Lorna says:

    Hi Kathie – I love your background – YES, Spring is just around the corner :>). Also, the pictures were adorable. What an awesome illustration of how much God loves and will take care of us. A good reminder … I’m going to keep that in my thoughts today. Thanks.


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