Friday favs

It’s Friday again.

Time to think over our favourite moments of the week and join with Suzanne and the gang over at Friday’s Fave Five

1. Spring has arrived! LOL! (don’t ask me the temperature outside!) Well, spring is here on my blog at least πŸ™‚ I had fun creating my new spring design.

2. and if I can’t have flowers outside yet, I can enjoy them inside.

So many to choose from, grown in a tulip greenhouse a little stretch down the road. (translated – a few miles away – thought I’d try an Island colloquialism on you πŸ™‚

3. Finis! 

1000, um, 999, pieces! Which is not bad, considering I bought this puzzle at Value Village. You would have chuckled at me trying to put this puzzle together. Every time I couldn’t find the right one, I was sure that it was missing from the box.

But perseverance and patience paid off, along with help from husband, children, girlfriends – even the youth group dropped in to help one night. The power had gone out while they were at their weekly meeting in the church. Our home is across the road and they could see a light flickering in our kitchen window. Did you ever try to put a puzzle together by candlelight?? Those young eyes sure came in handy. πŸ™‚

If the winter puzzle project is over, don’t you think spring just has to come??

4. While I wait, you’ll find me reading a new-to-me series from the library. The whole series is on my request list and coming in like a flood. I think I may be Confederation Centre Library’s best customer.

The books received 5 stars on Amazon, and has been compared to Miss Read’s Village School series – an old favourite. Have any of you you read them? I’d love to hear what you think of them.

5. The highlight of the week had to be the visit to Peter’s lambing pen.

Doesn’t this curly little fellow give new meaning to cuteness?

 Well, hope you enjoyed a little peek into my world this week.

Thanks for coming by, for your friendly hellos, your loving, encouraging notes and emails.

I appreciate every one.

Wishing you a wonder ~ full weekend!

with love,


21 thoughts on “Friday favs

  1. Islandsparrow says:

    Thanks for all the lovely comments ladies!Bev – thanks for the Springbok puzzle suggestion – I was looking for a new one. I have to find a picture that I love – otherwise I’m not very interested in putting it together. Value Village hasn’t had good puzzle pictures lately. I may have to break down and buy a new one :)Hi Liz – welcome to my blog – I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Do you have a blog? I didn’t get a link with your name. Thanks for the info on the Phinn books Janice – I am just starting them now.Snow Violet??? I thought BC was awash in Spring flowers πŸ™‚


  2. I just love tulips! It is too hot for them here, but the one time I was in Canada, they were blooming everywhere. I have read Miss Read and my mum-in-law gave the series to me. Haven’t read the other one tho. My parents do a puzzle every New Year. I like your pictures down below of daffodils and something pink.


  3. janice says:

    The Gervase Phinn books are wonderful, I have enjoyed all of them. The are different to Mis Read but every bit as easy on the eye to read and also share in that simpicity of children. I can really conjur up where he travels as he advises an inspects, Yorkshire is one of my favourite places.


  4. liz says:

    Hello Kathie, not only have I read all the Miss Read books, but in the 1950s attended a small village school that was very similar – larger, having a total of 6 classes instead of 2, but the ethos was just like the Village School series, right down to our own ‘Mrs Pringle’.I enjoy reading your blog – PEI is a place I would love to visit.Liz UK


  5. kelli says:

    Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!What a fun post, Kathie! Your puzzle looks great!! We just started a 750 piece here. Love that precious lamb. There is just something that lambs that warms my heart. Off to see if my library has any Gervase Phinn or Miss Read!!! So excited to hear of new books:)


  6. grammy says:

    You can have Spring in your heart, even if it is not under your feet (o: I got a gift card from Borders, so will be off to get my Birthday book. Have a good weekend!


  7. I don’t know about that series, but I’m in the middle of the Miss Read books and just love them. I’ll be interested to see what you discover.All of the pictures are beautiful. I love that sweet little curly fellow!


  8. Bev Klassen says:

    OH, yes I loved the Miss Read series and will look for the Gervase Phinn books. I also love doing puzzles but sadly only seem to have time for them at Christmas. Springbok puzzles are my favourite and I have a couple that I put up on the wall over Christmas. They hold together so well you can do that.


  9. Bev Klassen says:

    I’ve been busy with grandkids and work and haven’t checked your blog for awhile. Your new spring look is so pretty. Thanks for sharing your pictures and thoughts. They always brighten my day.


  10. What gorgeous pictures! I’m in awe. I have read the Miss Read series and loved it. I will definitely check out the Gervase Phinn series.I admire anyone with the patience to put together a puzzle that big! The completed project is beautiful. Will you preserve it?


  11. I’ve not heard of the series. Oh, I’m sososo far behind on reading anything! The tulip picture is spring itself. Spring just has to be on its way. We could trade: If you send water, I’ll send sunshine.


  12. What a lovely picture of your tulips, Kathy! The lighting is beautifulYou had me staring at that picture of the puzzle trying to find the missing piece. LOL. I’m not great with puzzles. Way beyond my patience max level. You did great. Spring has to come now for sure!


  13. Oh I do love your new Spring blog look!!I really enjoy putting these puzzles together. I think we might have done some in candlelight. I know we’ve played many a monopoly game in candlelight :0)I have a Miss Read book I need to pull out and read. It’s in Washington.This series looks interesting.Have a great weekend Kathie!!


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