Poor man’s fertilizer

It’s a good day to think about gardens.

We just received a free load of fertilizer.

It’s a special kind – called poor man’s fertilizer.

(You’ll have to go to the link to figure it out – it’s that which cannot be named in spring …)

When Roger and I think of gardens, we don’t think the same way.

When we go to the seed store, we head to different aisles.

He browses here, in what I think of as the prose section.

I linger here – in the poetry section.

Garden dreaming

I’m adding a  cut-flower section  to our vegetable garden this season.

Bachelors Buttons, Queen of Africa Lace, Coneflower, Zinnias, Goldsturm Rudbeckia, Cosmos and Larkspur. (suggested by Vesey’s)

I’m invading his space ~ flowers in the vegetable garden.

A blend of prose and poetry.

Do you grow cut flowers? What are your favourites?


Oh, and by the way,

do you want some free fertilizer?

I have a load or two that I could spare …


with love


9 thoughts on “Poor man’s fertilizer

  1. We’re expecting yet another load of poor man’s fertilizer on Sunday. We just had a 2 foot load and now they say another 8-12". Ummmmm…..I guess I’ll be growing lots of veggies and flowers and green grass this year!!!!I love, love, love cut flowers. I like to put them amidst the veggie patch too. My MIL always used to plant gladiolas in her veggie patch and I’ve tried to keep that tradition. I mostly grow wildflowers since they tend to be happiest where I live, but I also like to plant some cosmos, and zinnias. Oh….and pots of geraniums is a must on the front porch.Jody


  2. I like having some flowers in amongst the vegetables. We are going to be trying raised beds for the first time, and I thought a whole bed of cosmos would be just great.


  3. It’s so great to be thinking about gardens and are those your flowers? They are spectacular! I love planting flowers, but I might try some veggies with the kids this year too. May’s the time to start planting in our neck of the woods…Have a great weekend!!


  4. I love cut flowers but I’m not much of gardener. Most of my beds are in shade which really makes for hard growing situations for the flowers I love the most. And unfortunately I didn’t inherit my mom’s green thumb. Mine’s more of a black color. LOL.


  5. carolyn says:

    Hi Kathie, I think that works perfectly-Roger looks after the practicle and you the pretty! I love the photos especially the chives. We still have loads of snow if you get any takers on a load or two please send some my way I have lots of free ferilzer to spare!Take care, Carolyn


  6. We have a huge snow storm coming our way over the next few days, so now i can be thankful for it! Thanks for that link!Flowers in the garden is a great idea. We have a small garden space that we aren’t using and I could plant some there. This would be a first for me and cut flowers. We will have to see how it goes. 🙂


  7. grammy says:

    We did some yard work Sunday…in prep for the big snow that was suppose to be here monday. No snow, just wind. It is so dry here….hard to think green.


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