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Friday favs

A sweet week!

1. Our youngest boy turned 21 this week.

Roger and I just look at one another and shake our heads in disbelief!

Where did the years go?

James Peter ~ a charmer from day 1.

That sweet smile has blessed our home for 21 years.

James & Nora – high-school sweethearts!

2. A little sweetie-pie

Sarah in a sari.

It must have been her destiny.

Sarah (center) and friendsShe leaves for New Delhi on Sunday for a 2 month mission trip.

What an adventure!

We’ll be keeping her and the team close in prayer.

3. ~ Mar 27th ~

A sweet friend’s birthday!

I’d be celebrating with her but she’s down on a Florida beach!

Can you believe it? without her beach buddy??



Happy Birthday Rinda!

Hope you have a wonderful celebration!

4. Library treats.

Some sweet books came in this week for me. I can hardly keep up with my library pile.

I’ve been a card-carrying member of the library since I was in elementary school

and I still find it hard to believe

that I can borrow books



What a gift.

5. and finally, as promised!

A sweet treat.


The best fudge that I’ve ever tasted!

(L to R) My cousin Rosemary, my sisters Pat and Deb with me in the front

 I love this picture.

My big sister’s hands holding me close


my little hands reaching up to hold hers.

Sweet memories of a very dear sister.

         *          *          *

Well, I hope you enjoyed your peek into my world this week.

Thanks so much for visiting, for your friendship, your lovely comments and emails.

I appreciate every one.

Hope your weekend is filled with sweet blessings!

with love

PS – for more Friday Favourite fun, drop over to see Suzanne at Living To Tell The Story.

PPS – for recipe card templates visit here


14 thoughts on “Friday favs

  1. Kathie .. I love your new blog template .. really love it .. I would copy it in a speck if I could .. I never ever feel that about other blogs. .but I do love yours .and you new header too . .oh vey . .covet not your neighbors blog template. ..Love your pictures and your fave 5.


  2. What a handsome young man your son is! Hope he had a wonderful birthday! And I hope your daughter’s mission trip goes wonderfully.Love that picture with your sister and what you pointed out about the hands.


  3. Bev Klassen says:

    Happy Birthday to your son – our youngest is 29 this year – unbelievable! May God grant your daughter safety and much joy in the giving and receiving she’ll experience on her trip.Thanks for sharing so much of your life with us, Kathie. It brings great joy to those of us reading it.


  4. kelli says:

    What a beautiful list and such a lovely peek into your world! I love seeing the pictures of your kids and of you…both now and then!You have so much to celebrate and be thankful for…thank you for letting it spill onto us!! (I’m just smiling as I type this…such a happy post!)I’ve got Little Heathens waiting for me, too, at my library! I’m headed there in a bit to pick it up. And…I just started Miss Read’s Village School…LOVE it!!! Thank you so much for that recommendation! I’m like you…in awe of free books …and in awe, with delight, of constantly finding good books I’ve never even heard of!


  5. How exciting that our girls are such world travelers! Mine is on her way to Russia right now–she should arrive late tonight. I will keep your gal in prayer too.I am library fan too. So many books. You can take tons home at a time. And they are free. FREE! I am always stunned when I meet someone who does not own a library card. Whenever we have moved, I have my card within a few days of arriving!


  6. Oh what a lovely fave five and not just cuz you gave us that recipe! Congratulations to your handsome young man! What an adventure your daughter has ahead of her in India. I’m praying for her team right now.Our nephew Levi is in Tanzania right now.That old photo is so precious…Love the photo of little Kathie!


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