to celebrate!!

Happy news here in this corner of the world

Our youngest boy James (the birthday boy in last Friday’s Fav post)

and his highschool sweetheart, Nora,

are engaged to be married.

Nora has been like a daughter to us for years.

Such a sweet couple!

Wedding plans for the fall.


and more reasons to celebrate?

A facebook message from our daughter.

She arrived safely in New Delhi

and noted

“It’s very different from PEI”

This must be the understatement of the year, don’t you think?

I was so relieved, and thankful, that she landed safe and sound!


Another reason to celebrate?


today is my birthday

52 years old


can you believe it????


whole Island

is celebrating!!!!!!!!!!


Schools are closed

Govt offices have given their workers an extra couple of hours to sleep in

Even the Lord sent this white stuff floating down from the sky

to make the whole Island


like it was covered

in beautiful white frosting ~ just like a gigantic birthday cake!

See the little girl’s  expression in this picture?

Envision me

peering out the window this morning …




Happy Birthday to me!


with love


Found these pictures

3rd birthdayfrom celebrations past

4th Birthdayand just had to add them

Dad and me ~ 5th birthdayDon’t you love my dad’s grin


my mom’s famous birthday centerpiece – an aluminum wrapped potato with suckers.

Happy days!

16 thoughts on “reasons

  1. Deb says:

    A quite Belated Happy Birthday…half a month later! Oh, Kathie, I’m so sorry I missed saying it on your real birth date. I hope it was just as special as it possibly could be! And congratulations on another wedding in the fall. The couple looks very happy.


  2. Oh my…Happy Belated Birthday! It looks like your birthday celebrations got off to a good start, many years ago. Hope this latest one is as good as those first five!What good news that your daughter is safely arrived, irony intact!And congratulations to the handsome couple! A fall wedding will be beautiful there!!~Jeanne


  3. Carrie, RtK says:

    Oh WOW! (Catching up again!) #1 – CONGRATULATIONS on your new up-and-coming daughter-in-law! What sweet news (in every sense). How exciting.#2 – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!I totally loved your old pictures which you shared. Not only do I love your dad’s grin in that one picture, but I love the way that you are looking back at him. That is an incredibly special photograph.


  4. Awwwww!!!! Soooo much good news! What a great post! Have a super happy birthday! I love your birthday pics! How fantastic that Nora becomes your daughter-in-law! Congratulations to you all! 🙂 Hope your daughter has a great time in New Delhi too!


  5. lovella says:

    Ah .. .it seems I was a day late. .but I trust your birthday was a huge success . . so many congratulations are in order for you . ..what incredible fun to have a wedding in the family .. and a son at that must be so proud of them both .. (if you need mother of the groom advice. .don’t hesitate to ask .. .smile) .. Oh .. goodness, the pictures of you growing up are priceless . .just perfect. As if someone knew that they would be posted someday on a blog .. Blessings. .


  6. Tracie says:

    Happy Birthday to you! Loved the pictures, and the potato-lollipop centerpiece, that’s great! Congratulations to your son and fiancee. Our oldest son just got engaged as well, we had an engagement party Sunday to celebrate and the wedding is set for July! We’re so happy… I know you are excited for your girl’s travels. And I know you’ll be glad to see her home, too. Happy Spring!


  7. grammy says:

    Happy Birthday fellow March BD girl. So glad you had a world of frosting to help you celebrate. So what is the story behind the potato center piece? (o:


  8. cassie-b says:

    Happy Birthday – great pictures!We have a newly engaged couple in our family, and I just can’t wait till they announce their plans. They are such a nice couple too. How lucky.


  9. Lana G! says:

    Happy Glorious Birthday to you!!!


  10. Susanne says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday! What a bunch of lovely celebrations! Congrats to your son and his lovely fiancee. Such good news about your daughter.Love your mom’s centerpiece idea! And I’m pretty sure my mom used to have those very curtains in the pic with your Dad.


  11. Nan says:

    A birthday doesn’t get better than this!! Happy, happy day!


  12. carolyn says:

    Happy Birthday Kathie! I am happy for your that your daughter arived safely and your sons good news as well. I enjoyed the photos of your childhood birthdays-so cute. Hope you have a wonderful day and i hope to see you soon.Take care,Carolyn


  13. Beth P. says:

    Happy, happy birthday, Kathie. I’ll catch you later in the year! And congratulations on the engagement of your youngest. Weddings are so much fun. We’ve had one so far and are hopeful for another in a year or so! And I know you are thankful to know of your daughter’s safe arrival. Yes, I bet Delhi is quite different from PEI. Isn’t it a joy to see the world through your children’s eyes. In some way, I think you and I must have rather parallel lives!Enjoy your special day,Beth


  14. ellen b says:

    Oh my you are just chock full of wonderful things today!! Congratulations to handsome son James and pretty Nora on their engagement. So happy to hear your daughter is safe in India. Whoa that is quite the understatement I’m sure about India being different from PEI! How very grand that it is your birthday! A very happy birthday to you. Blessings on all of you as you celebrate and enjoy each other.


  15. kelli says:

    Happy Birthday, Kathie! And many happy returns of the day:) (seems as though you’ve already gotten the best ones already!)Congrats on the new engagement…how exciting!! And how wonderful to hear from your daughter…glad she made it safely. Enjoy that icing that came just for you, and may your special day continue to blossom with joy!


  16. Happy, happy, happy birthday to you, Kathie! This gives me an occasion to tell you just how much I enjoy your blog. I don’t always take time to comment, but I am always here reading, and smiling.Always a breath of fresh PEI air. . .


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