I saw this at Niki’s blog


I wanted to pass on the smiles.

Perfect for a drizzly April morning!

I would love to do this sometime.

What fun!

Happy rainy (not snowy ~ phew!) Monday

with love

PS Pause the music in the sidebar before you press play – it’s worth watching through to the end! Thanks for the Monday fun Niki!


14 thoughts on “

  1. Hi Kathie!Happy belated Birthday wishes to you!Somehow, you dropped off my bloglines–I missed you.(My blog got deleted! By accident! I’ve included the new URL.)XOWould you send me an email, Kathie? I don’t think I have your email address. ((hugs))


  2. Kathie, I watched this one over and over as various one of my theater-loving kids kept coming in to see what Mom was watching! What fun! Maybe our theater group could stage something like this in Union Station in Chicago–wouldn’t that be a blast?~Jeanne


  3. That was so awesome. And yes brought a smile to my face. How did you know I needed one today??? ; ) I am going to have to repost that one my blog. Thanks so much.HugsAmy


  4. Home Again says:

    That’s my style. I bought the CD awhile back and sing that with my little Levi and now I know what kind of actions I can add….Thanks for sharing that. We have beautiful sun and I’m out for my walk this morning.


  5. It is a beautiful sunny spring day here inthe middle of England. But thank you for the wonderful clip!I too would love to dance like that and give a smile to others!And thank you for reminding me of a lovely day I spent in antwerp 2 years ago, we went into that station!


  6. Lorna says:

    How much fun would that be :>). It’s rainy here today, too … and probably most of the week if the forecasters are right!!! Have a great day.


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