the stories of Jesus

 Sarah ~  in a New Delhi slum school

Thanks for your prayers for my girl and these little ones.

with love

PS- Just had word that Sarah was hit by a motorcycle while trying to cross a busy highway.

In her own words: “Mummy, don’t worry. I was hit by a motorcycle, but I’m okay. I really am. But my leg is killing me. Not literally. haha.”

She is fine. Thank You Lord.

I, on the other hand …

Her status on facebook?

Sarah Kathryn MacPhee

was, believe it or not, hit by a motorcycle while crossing one of India’s busy highways. Don’t worry, I’m okay; a sore, swollen calf and a great story were the only results.

My reply on her wall? “Enough of those kinds of stories young lady!”

Double thanks for your prayers!

15 thoughts on “telling

  1. Oh, thank God for His protection!!!How hard to be so far away…Jeanne


  2. grammy says:

    It is so hard to be so far away when they are hurt. She is a brave girl and sounds like she is facing it with a smile. Love the picture of the straight.


  3. carolyn says:

    Hi Kathie, Such beautiful children and Sarah is beautiful too! Glad she was not seriously hurt. I am sure you are very proud of her. Take care,Carolyn


  4. tonia says:

    how lovely! i can’t help thinking she must look awfully much like her mother sitting there reading to children.well, now she has a story to tell and even a minor injury to make it more exciting! but my mama-heart totally understands. i will pray that this is the most exciting thing that happens. :)love to you, brave mom.


  5. Sarah says:

    I’m so sorry Sarah had an accident, but glad to read that she is OK.I will keep her and her friends in my prayers, and the lovely things that they are doing out there.


  6. randi says:

    You scared me for a minute! I am so glad she is OK! Next time she needs to be closer to home when something like this happens, right? ;)Continued prayers for her and her team….Danika is doing well and we were able to talk to her for the 1st time in a month! How great it was to hear her sweet voice!


  7. Beth P. says:

    Kathie,I was so delighted to see these pictures since I plan to travel to India this summer. I’m sure Sarah will have many wonderful stories to tell – hopefully no more injury ones! Praying for you, mom of the traveling girl, that you will feel peace at heart while she is away. I’ve had to entrust my children’s safety to God many times as they’ve traveled abroad…truth is, we always must entrust them to him. It just seems a little more imperative when they are so far away.Blessings,Beth


  8. Lorna says:

    What precious faces!!!! What an incredible opportunity for Sarah. I am so glad she was ok … I will keep praying. It is SO hard to let them grow up sometimes :>). Love


  9. Niki says:

    Praise God she wasn’t hurt seriously! Will keep her in my prayers. Hard on mum though, so I’ll keep you in my prayers too!Blessings,Niki


  10. Sue says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos! What a lovely daughter you have. I am so glad that she was not seriously injured. I will put her on my prayer list.


  11. Jill says:

    Beautiful, Kathie.


  12. Deb says:

    My son was in India his junior year of college working with a Christian eye doctor. The pictures brought back many memories. I pray that Sarah stays healthy and safe while there.


  13. kelli says:

    Just came across this and had to share it with you. Have you heard of N.D. Wilson??? These books look good!!


  14. ellen b says:

    Praying for Sarah and these little ones!


  15. kelli says:

    Kathie…thank you so much for sharing this! My daughters and I enjoyed seeing those precious faces…Sarah’s included…talking about and to our Father!Hmmmm…much to ponder here. We’ll keep praying for her!


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