Friday faves

well …

spring is finally coming to PEI

and I, like every other Islander, have been enjoying the outdoors.

Do you want to come along on a few of my favourite walks for our Friday Fave Five?

I thought you would …


1. Are you an early riser? If you are, you can join me for an early morning walk around the property.

I already shared this scene this week,  but it’s so beautiful I’m sure you won’t mind seeing it again.

The sun rises just behind the church which is across the road from our house.

I always like to check out the new growth in my flowerbeds – like my sweet crocuses

2. How about a woodland walk next?

Let’s head down this path and check out the eagles’ nest.

I wonder if they are back this year?

Oh look …

A tiny chipmunk.

Shhhh … we’re getting closer to the old pine tree where the eagles always nest.

We don’t want to disturb them.

Look! There it is!

It’s hard to tell but I think there is an eagle in behind those twigs and branches.

I’m going to zoom in with my camera and see if I can get a closer shot.

Whoah! There it is. Talk about an eagle eye 🙂

I wonder how many eggs are in the nest?

We’ll have to come back later in the season and check it out.

3. Why don’t we head down to the beach next?

It’s such a lovely, sunny, afternoon ~ c’mon!

There’s still a tiny bit of snow and ice on the beach

but we can still take our beach chairs down and sit in the sun.

I hope you didn’t forget your winter jacket – the April wind off the strait is still a bit nippy.

Can you smell the salt air?

Hear the waves?

I don’t know anything more peaceful …

4. But a mill pond walk is also lovely.

I often go there in the evenings, just as the sun is going down.

There’s an old fishing dock that makes a good observation deck for pond life.

Ducks, eagles, hawks, trout and even the occasional muskrat or beaver.

The pond is so still and quiet – but not so quiet when I bring Sophie along.

She loves to explore and sniff and trot along the edge of the pond.

The ducks take off –  they’re not happy with Sophie’s splashing in the water.

Oh look – the sun is  going down

We better head home before dark.

5. Now for our final “walk”.

I’m going to take you all the way across the world to India

I have a little clip of Sarah (in red and white, with hands folded), and the team, teaching in the slum school.

Pause the music in the sidebar to listen to the “Our Father” in Hindi.

Sarah, the team, and those little ones are in my prayers daily.

Well … I think it’s time for a cup of tea, don’t you?

Hope you enjoyed our walks this week.

with love


PS – For more Friday Faves drop over to Suzanne’s at Living to tell the Story.


21 thoughts on “Friday faves

  1. Sometimes I think you keep this blog around just to make me jealous. =) It’s ok though. THe beauty of God’s creation is astounding and amazing and I’m so glad you are willing to share it!


  2. Hi Kathie,What a wonderful walk around all the scenic spots of your area :)That sunrise is just amazingly beautiful, (so worth getting out of bed for that alone!)Thanks for sharing.xo


  3. carolyn says:

    Hi Kathie, I enjoyed my walk with you-everthing is so pretty.Nice video again. Are you loving this beautiful weather as much as me!Take care,Carolyn


  4. Eagles’ nests and the beach, and sunrises behind a church….all within one walk – wow! I enjoyed coming along with you. That little chipmunk is so beautiful….I love his little round ears.Glad to know Sarah is OK after intercepting a motorcycle with her leg! Thanks for sharing the little video with us. I haven’t been by in a while because I had a wrong page for you in my sidebar that was telling me you had not posed in a few weeks….so glad I went searching and found you again! It’s good to see spring blooming a bit in your part of this lovely world.Sara


  5. I’m not a morning person but that view of the sun rise would get me out of bed every morning.Thanks for sharing your pictures they are so pretty.


  6. Oh, this was such a beautiful walk, Kathie! The pictures are just gorgeous. Spotting the eagle was exciting though I would have been a tad nervous, I think, had I actually been there.


  7. Oh so fabulous! Love going along on your walk with you. So many pretty things to enjoy. I love how the sun is just reflecting in a shimmery way on the water…It must be sweet for you to be able to see Sarah in her new surroundings…Have a wonderful weekend…


  8. Oh Kathie, the pictures are breathtaking! I so wish I could visit you at Prince Edward Island and Jientje’s Belgium after seeing your posts in Friday’s Favorite Five. If I were at PEI right now I’d sit in a chair at the beach wrapped up in a coat (and maybe an afghan) and dream in the sun …


  9. Ann Voskamp says:

    Kathie?Breathtaking — absolutely breathtaking.You were used of God today to bring such joy…I praise Him with you…I can’t thank you enough for this walk together.I send so much love…Ann


  10. I think you live in the other most beautiful place in Canada.. . and I did smile to see that God has blessed us with the same visions of spring. Enjoy your weekend.


  11. Oh, this was such a beautiful walk, Kathie! The pictures are just gorgeous. Spotting the eagle was exciting though I would have been a tad nervous, I think, had I actually been there.


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