… We are all going on an Expedition,” said Christopher Robin, as he got up and brushed himself. “Thank you, Pooh.”
“Going on an Expotition?” said Pooh eagerly. “I don’t think I’ve ever been on one of those. Where are we going to on this Expotition?”
“Expedition, silly old Bear. It’s got an ‘x’ in it.”
“Oh!” said Pooh. “I know.” But he didn’t really.
“We’re going to discover the North Pole.”
“Oh!” said Pooh again. “What is the North Pole?” he asked.
“It’s just a thing you discover,” said Christopher Robin carelessly, not being quite sure himself.
“Oh! I see,” said Pooh. “Are bears any good at discovering it?”
“Of course they are. And Rabbit and Kanga and all of you. It’s an Expedition. That’s what an Expedition means. A long line of everybody. You’d better tell the others to get ready, while I see if my gun’s all right. And we must all bring Provisions.”
“Bring what?”
“Things to eat.”
“Oh!” said Pooh happily. “I thought you said Provisions. I’ll go and tell them.”

Winnie the Pooh – Ch.8


It’s going to be 22 degrees today – sunny – warm – beautiful


I’m off

on an expotition!

With friends


provisions …

of course!

I’ll be back with pictures.


Happy Tuesday!

with love

5 thoughts on “Hooray

  1. Niki says:

    exciting :)Have a wonderful tlime!


  2. Jill says:

    I love this passage!Hope you had a great expotition, Kathie. Looking forward to pictures!xO


  3. Linda says:

    It sounds like a wonderful adventure. I do love Pooh!


  4. ellen b says:

    Enjoy your day!!


  5. kelli says:

    Can’t wait to see those pictures!I love this part of Winnie the Pooh!!!Enjoy your expotition!


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