lovely things

Welcome to Friday’s Fave Five

I thought I’d share

just a few lovely things from my week


1. Bright blossoms

2. Birds at the feeder.

American Goldfinch

Hairy Woodpecker

I don’t have a picture but I wish you could join me at daybreak to hear the robins singing.

 It’s the sweetest song.

3. The smell of fresh tilled earth in the garden – seeds go in this weekend!

4. Low tide at Point Prim – an extra low tide in spring that the Islanders call the clamming tide.

Exploring the tidepools with Sophie

Crabs and starfish, snails and seaweed


and ducks in flight

5. and family celebrations

Happy 24th John Alexander!

John means ” a gift from God” and he has been that from day one.

John and Kathleen – our boy and lovely DILWe had a wonderful evening of songs, stories as well as numerous noisy rounds of Pit.

Does anyone remember that game? Roger and I played it way back in college days.

John’s mom-in-law found it for his birthday at a yard sale.

John and Kathleen are board game aficionados. The birthday boy was the top scorer.

So much fun, but my voice was totally gone by the end of the evening.


Well, as Carol Burnett used to sing, “I’m so glad we had this time together” 🙂

Thank you for dropping by and sharing  a few lovely moments from my week.

Thanks, too, for your sweet hellos, comments and emails – I appreciate each one!

Many blessings.

with love,

PS ~ For more Friday Fave Five fun, pop over to Suzanne’s at Living to Tell the Story



23 thoughts on “lovely things

  1. Great fave fives…all of them. I have fond memories of playing Pit years ago…and had all but forgotten about the game. I’m thinking it might be time to revive it over here as well.


  2. What lovely cheery pictures you’ve shared Kathie! The sea always provides so many gorgeous photo ops, doesn’t it!Happy Birthday to John 🙂 We also loved the game of Pit. Haven’t played in in so long, but I may pull it out for one of our game nights. I love your music here too :)xo


  3. What a great list. You live in a lovely place. We had one goldfinch visit us this spring, for one day. I would love to have him back but he has disappeared. Have a great weekend.


  4. Gorgeous pics as usual! Your boy would love it at our house…we love board games and try to play them often with friends, relatives and our daughters. Nice to get them away from the technology once in awwhile. I used to play Pit too in college :)And my youngest daughter would LOVE exploring that tide pool!Oh…btw…we ended up deciding on doing our summer vacation in Acadia National Park and are renting a cottage on Bass Harbor. We sre still exploring the idea of PEI, etc for one day tho. Not gonna happen this year however.Loved your fave five…thanks for sharing and visiting mine! enjoy the weekend


  5. I absolutely love your list and the photographs. Your blog is such a lovely place. Lavender, music, beautiful photos. It’s so restful! Glad I stopped by.


  6. Deborah Schroder says:

    Kathie, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog…I find it very restful and thought provoking, with fun and photos thrown in. I’ve been reading for a while and thought it was time to say so.Thanks, Deborah


  7. Lorna says:

    Happy Birthday, John – love the hat :>) I feel like now is when we get to reap all we have sowed over the years. Our children are so special – it sounds like you had a wonderful time. I have heard of the game but don’t remember how to play it. Anyway … have a wonderful weekend. Love –


  8. Lovely photos! My favorites were the light house and the ducks in flight.Your son and daughter-in-law are such a cute couple! I love playing board games as a family, it’s the best way to visit and spend time together.


  9. I always love your fave fives. They really bring a sense of peace and contentment. Love the picture of the gorgeous yellow bird. Happy Birthday to the birthday boy. The celebrations sound like fun!


  10. Kathie, what a lovely set of fives! Wonderful photos of Sophie and the tidepools. Your son and DIL look like a lovely couple. I’ve never plaid Pit, but I do understand it is a very noisy game indeed. Glad you had such a fun time together! And happy weekend!


  11. Home Again says:

    Your photos of the birds are fantastic. Birtdays are always fun. We have one today.I actually had a baby 32 years ago?


  12. Deborah Schroder says:

    Kathie, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog…I find it very restful and thought provoking, with fun and photos thrown in. I’ve been reading for a while and thought it was time to say so.Thanks, Deborah


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