18 thoughts on “announcing

  1. Big Sigh .. I love kittens. .and I love Spring. The robins were busy caring large amounts of debris hither and thither. . I suspect eggs in the making.


  2. carolyn says:

    I do indeed love spring although we have been busy as bees! Love to see all the daily changes.Cute kittens!Carolyn


  3. BlessedwithFour says:

    Beautiful Babies – what a blessing and the moma kitty looks so precious with her new babies, my 7 year old twins would so enjoy the experience of little kittens but all 3 of our cats are "fixed" so we will just have to enjoy your kitties with you – thanks for sharing!


  4. Only 3 kittens? That’s amazing. They are so sweet, so is mama cat. Miss Kitty sends her congratulations too and she notices that both she and mama cat have a big freckle on the tip of their noses.In a a few weeks, those wee ones will be irresistibly adorable and bouncing all over the place. I could spend hours playing with them!


  5. Annelies says:

    Congrats on such a sweet bunch of kittens. My kitty is waving all the way from San Diego. She loves your blog as I do. I found it out of my deep affection for Anne of Green Gables. I have to share that as soon as I check your blog, my Bailey tries to disrupt me enough until I vacate my chair and then she happily jumps up and then sleeps with your music as her lullaby. Just so darn cute!!! XXX Annelies


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