signs of spring

On April 30th, the boats went out

and on May 1st,  look what came in

Sorry that I  didn’t take the time to set the lobsters up for a great photo shoot.

No, I didn’t.

I was too busy setting the table,

putting out the cold salads,

the fresh rolls


don’t forget,

the melted butter …

lashings of melted butter.

Oh, that first bite ~ Islanders dream of it.

That chunk of delicate, white tinged with red, dripping with golden drops of butter, lobster meat.

Have you ever tasted spring lobster, taken straight from the trap and cooked in sea brine?


Oh I am so sorry.

It cannot be compared.

Believe me.

Have I mentioned that I love spring?

Blossoming, greening, new life



oh. my.


with love,


11 thoughts on “signs of spring

  1. oh wow…..my husband and his side of the family would LOVE those spring lobsters. I tolerate them (hey…what do you expect from a girl who was raised in Central NYS? we never had seafood) I do eat lobster from time to time "fresh outta the boat" on Cape Cod tho.


  2. Being a prairie savage, I’ve never tasted fresh, spring lobster. However, a couple of times, a hunter came with fresh lobster from Boston. He brought it in a cooler on the airplane, still alive when he arrived in Montana! YUM, I’m jealous.Jody


  3. I’m not a big seafood fan, but I’ll take your word for it. :v)I had a girlfriend who was from Shediac, NB. She went home for a visit and brought a case of fresh lobster back with her. She was advised to take it as a carry-on on the plane and not let it out of her sight as it would be stolen in no time flat. LOL. That’s some lobster love.


  4. No I have never had that fresh of lobster. Come to think of it I really can’t remember having lobster more than once in my life…and that wasn’t a whole lobster maybe just a piece or two in a fish stew…Growing up the only kind of fish we ever had was tuna fish out of a can …gasp!!I love reading your joy over Spring on your island!


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