This has been the week of re-reading old favourites.

Sometimes I just get in that mood.

Heidi ~ While browsing the bookshelves at our local second-hand store, I found a lovely old hardcover copy, illustrated by Jessie Wilcox Smith.

Did you remember that Heidi was such a deeply spiritual book? I probably skipped over those parts in my heathen childhood, but who knows? I’m sure some of it seeped in, along with the lovely images of blooming Alpine meadows and toasted golden yellow cheese.

Gone Away Lake ~ happy sigh!

One of my all time favourites! I’m not even sure why.

Would I really like to spend a summer exploring a mosquito infested swamp and dusty, old, tumble-down houses?



As long as I was liberally doused in Aunt Minnehaha’s A.P. Decoction. šŸ™‚

This last re-read was a special treat.

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this book on my blog before:

I Go By Sea I Go By Land by PL Travers (author of the Mary Poppins series)

 … In 1939, after the outbreak of World War II, PL Travers began working for Britain’s Ministry of Information. She was sent to the United States, and wrote a young adult novel, I Go by Sea, I Go by Land in 1941, cast as the diary of an 11-year-old girl evacuated from England during the war… (more)

Although this book is classed as young adult, it bears little resemblance to the YA novels of today. It explores themes of war, separation and loneliness with a few, very mild, references to puberty.

A lovely, sensitive book. Highly recommended!

And now for a teaser.

I meant to tell you all about it.


But my computer froze and I had to completely re-write this post.

And now I have to dash out for my Womens’ Bible Study

But let me tell you …

I have found the most delicious bookish website ever!

I can’t believe I haven’t stumbled on it before this!

Come back tomorrow and I will tell you all the details in my Friday Fave post.

Happy reading!

with love

8 thoughts on “bookish

  1. Susanne says:

    Looking forward to that tomorrow!Heidi was one of my favorite stories! I think I’ll have to give it a reread!


  2. jill says:

    Mosquito infested swamps: Good news! There are no mosquitos in swamps, as water flows through swamps. Bogs…water filled meadows, now that’s another story. If you ever get down to New Orleans be sure to take the swamp tour. You might never want to leave the swamp after getting to see it via boat!


  3. Sara says:

    I just followed your link to PJ Travers’ biographical info. Thank you…I’ve learned something new. I was intrigued by her statement that sadness dwelt like a heartbeat beneath everything she had ever written….


  4. Sara says:

    Oh what a treasure – illustrated by Jessie Willcox Smith! I must get a copy of Heidi, this is the second blog I’ve seen its spiritual message mentioned. I must have read it as a child, but what I remember is Shirley Temple in the movie.And these other two I’ve never heard of but, knowing we do love the same kinds of books, I am adding them to my list so I will know when I run across them one of these days! Thank you for these recommendations…and of course, I MUST know what this teaser site is you are hinging at. I’ll be back!Sara


  5. Nan says:

    I’m really interested in the Travers book and will check into it next year when I begin buying books again. :<) Thank you for the mention. I had never heard of it. My favorite by her is Mary Poppins in the Kitchen!


  6. ellen b says:

    I’ve never read Heidi…I’ll have to add it to the list I have of childhood books I should have read :0)You are such a tease…


  7. Linda says:

    I’m so glad I had a few quiet moments to read blogs this morning Kathie. Those sound like just the sort of books I’m in the mood to read right now.I will have to make time, in the midst of packing, to check in with you tomorrow. Anything to do with books, and I’m there!Have a blessed time at Bible Study!


  8. kelli says:

    I just finished reading Heidi to my girls a couple of weeks ago. It is such a beautiful story with, like you said, such good, spiritual truths! (which I didn’t remember either!!) How exciting to find that copy! I love J.W. Smith’s illustrations!!! We have Gone Away Lake on the shelves waiting for a few more months. And you know I will now see if I can find the PL Travers book:) Can’t wait to hear about the new bookish site!!!


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