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American goldfinchcaptured in flight

Purple FinchI found this chair in the 70 Mile Yard Sale last fall. I picked it up “for a song” as my mom used to say.

It’s sitting right by our feeder tree.

The wide arms are perfect for holding an early morning coffee or an after supper cup of tea, a book,


my camera, of course.

But, as you can see, it needs a coat of paint.

Roger thinks green …

But I think something more lively.

Any ideas?

Well, the rain is pouring down this morning.

The birds enjoy it. I can hear them chirping and singing in the spruce grove around our house.

It’s a good indoor day – perfect for baking bread. My yeast is already rising.

The kittens and Lily are snug in their box.

Jack and Sophie are sound asleep together on Sophie’s bed – they’re such good friends.

In a few hours, the house will be filled the aroma of baking bread.

Domestic bliss.

I love it.

Happy Tuesday!

with love,


11 thoughts on “quotidian

  1. Islandsparrow says:

    Thanks girls for your ideas! I’m leaning toward a sky blue. And I love the idea of those cushions Jody! If only I could sew. But I might be able to bribe a sewing friend with some home-baked goodies 🙂


  2. I love those chairs. We have a double one with a little table in between the two. Hubby stained ours a cedar color. Nothing exciting. LOL. I’m for any color except yellow. Yellow attracts the wasps and me and them don’t get along.The birds are sweet and baking bread, yum!


  3. The goldfinches are out and about here too. It seems when the dandelions bloom, the finches are yellow too. That purple finch is the purpliest!I vote to pain that lovely chair yellow or red or orange (can you see my color palate favorites?) I’d also add a nice bright cushion for the bottom or the back. Check out this link for a very beautiful outside chair/cushion painted ORANGE! I love it! http://yougogirl.typepad.com/you_go_girl/2008/09/how-about-orange.htmlJod


  4. I saw a chair like that which had been painted white, and then a garden of flowers were painted on top of that. It snuggled right into the garden beautifully. A blue background would be pretty too.


  5. Beautiful bird photos, Kathie. And I love the chair. I have two similar ones in my front garden painted a lovely sky blue. The show up very nicely in the shade of the oaks. Enjoy your chair.


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