It’s a busy time here on the Island –

Everyone is digging and planting ~ flowers, gardens and fields.

But even in the midst of all the spring planting flurry

I keep my eye on the sky ~ especially in the evening.

I watch the sun as it begins to set, and if there are scattered clouds,

I will drop my gardening tools in a flash, jump in the car with my camera and head for the shore.

I know that I am in for a glorious show.

Just in time! It’s only just begun.

As the sun sinks behind the horizon, light begins to play on the clouds

The rocky cliffs reflect the golden rays

The scene changes moment by moment.

Off to the left of the horizon, shade of pink and mauve and purple swirl.

Picture me ~ snapping away with my camera. I’m shivering because it’s a cool evening

but I am oblivious.

It doesn’t seem to matter how many times I watch a sunrise or a sunset,

I am always captured by its glory


filled with awe and praise for the Author of this beauty.

(click to enlarge)

The heavens declare His glory

(click to enlarge)and I join in.

with love,


18 thoughts on “glorious

  1. BevK says:

    What an awesome God – that He would delight us with His magnificent creation!Lovely photos, Kathi – thank you for following through on the thought of "I should go down to the shore and take pictures." We are all glad you did.


  2. Wow.Wow…Yeah… there really isn’t anything more to say – words wouldn’t do it any justice anyway.(love especially the second last pic with the deep blue)


  3. What a lovely post. It reminds me not only of the glorious sunsets I’ve seen, but one of my favorite scenes in Jan Karon’s Mitford books. Father Tim runs up the hill to a wall that gives him a view of the mountains and valleys that surround his home, and the captivating sight of a spreading suset gives him a moment of wonderful personal clarity. The sunset and his epiphany are described in language that brings tears to my eyes every time I read them. In the "deepening blush of a late June sunset. . . He felt the motion of his legs and the breeze on his skin and the hammering in his temples, as if he might somehow implode, all of it combusting into a sharp inner flame, a durable fire, a thousand hosannas."A Common LifeJan Karon


  4. I haven’t seen sunset colors that vivid since I was on the coast of Maine two years ago. the sun sets behind our hotel and the Atlantic turns glorious.


  5. Kathie. . .simply beautiful and awesome. ..God is delighted in making new beauty everyday. I was thinking about how living on an island. .you are blessed to see sunrises and sunsets over the water. . .how wonderful.


  6. Lorna says:

    Awesome, Kathie – As I get older, I miss these scenes even more. Thank you for "helping out" with that :>). Have a wonderful day. Love –


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