an evening drive

Welcome to Friday’s Fave Five –

Well, it’s a beautiful evening here on the Island

Would you like to join my beloved and me for a countryside drive?

We’ve had five children, so we don’t mind taking you along.

Ours are mostly grown now and we kind of miss the company.

But you have to promise not to fight in the back seat!

All right?


I know there are some lovely scenes waiting for us.

1.  Oh my, look!

 Don’t you love the curve of this lane?

Such a peaceful scene.

 Roger and I are wondering, where are the lambs?

So I have a question for my rancher/farmer friends  – Jody? Niki? Nan?

I know you’re in the back seat with the rest of the crew 🙂

click to enlargeDo you think those sheep may be with lamb still?

It seems rather late in the season but I hope they are.

Can you imagine the lovely photo ops of lambs in that rolling, green pasture?

*happy sigh*

2. Whoa!

Stop the car!!

Look at that baby loveliness . . .

Don’t you just love the knobbly knees?

3. OK – time for a stretch – everyone out!

This is a favourite stopping place for Roger and me.

In fact, we had our first kiss here.

Our kids can show you the very spot 🙂

click to enlarge

4. I’m not the only one who knows when to stop the car.

Roger has grown quite happy um, resigned to stopping 🙂

In fact, he is developing a bit of a photographer’s eye himself.

He pointed out a blog photo op that I almost missed.


5. Are you getting tired?

How about a treat?

You’ve been very good so I think ice-cream is in order!

Gillis’ Drive-In ~ going there is like stepping back into the 1950s.

No need to leave the car – just turn on the 4 way flashers.

I think I’ll get a twin kiss ~ my favourite!

Well, I hope you enjoyed our drive together.

Thanks for coming along!

You been such good passengers ~ maybe we’ll go again next week 🙂

In the meantime, pop over to Suzanne’s @ Living To Tell The Story to enjoy more Friday Faves!

with love,


15 thoughts on “an evening drive

  1. Kathie,Thank you for taking me along for the ride. I hope you didn’t mind my head on the seat so I could see out the front window. I, too, loved the curve in the road by the sheep pasture. About those ewes…I’d say they are still pregnant. They’re quite wide in the belly and around here, some folks don’t begin lambing until the first of June. So it’s quite possible you will have many lambie photo ops. The7y’ll be so cute out on that bright green pasture.We call that ice cream cone a "twist cone." And I love them too.Jody


  2. Just yesterday. . my beloved said. . .someday we will go to PEI. . rent a car and drive about. . and I readily agreed with his plan. . OH the scenery is breathtaking.


  3. I love car rides and this one was beautiful! The curving road with the sheep in the background just made me want to go for a walk along it. So peaceful looking. Your kissing spot is breathtaking. ;v)And now I want a real ice cream not just a virtual one. But I know of nowhere around here that does those double flavor cones.


  4. Absolutely LOVE your pictures this Friday. That country lane along the sheep pasture just begs to be hiked along. Thanks so much for taking me along for the ride today. I needed a relaxing jaunt.


  5. It was a lovely ride. I don’t think you can beat a ride in the country. However, I get car-sick sitting in the back seat, so can I ride in front with you guys? :-)Have a blessed weekend Kathie


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