Apple blossom time

“Just think
what a  lovely place
to live in an
apple blossom!

Fancy going to
sleep in it
when the wind
was rocking it . . .”

Anne of Green Gables ~ Ch. VIII

The Island is bursting with blooms!

The air is fragrant with sweet blossoms.

Everywhere I look  – beauty!

Isn’t June a perfectly glorious month?

with love,


10 thoughts on “Apple blossom time

  1. Kathie, that last photo is simply rapturous. I love the light green of spring with the warmth of those precious blooms. Makes me want to inhale them 🙂 Ditto what Ellen said — June in So Cal is the warming up of what would eventually be "summer dormancy" for many plants: just too hot to do anything but hang on. So I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of your Island’s gentle spring!


  2. So pretty! I was pretty sure that May was my favorite month, but June seems to be vying for that honor! I love all of the new growth and lovely colors everywhere.


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