Around ten years ago,

Roger and the children gave me

one of my favourite Mother’s day gifts.

A flowering crab-apple tree.

We planted it right outside our kitchen windows so that we could watch it grow.

American GoldfinchIt became our bird-feeding station.

Black-capped ChickadeeWe enjoy it in every season,

American GoldfinchBut for about two weeks of the year, it shines!

Beginning in late May, the buds form.

ruby-throated hummingbirdThen,

over the next few weeks,

My Mother’s Day tree




It’s such a delight ~ especially as it was given to me by my dearest ones.

I hope your cup is brimming over with delight ~ today and every day.

with love,


6 thoughts on “Queen

  1. Just beautiful! We live in an apartment, but have a little cabin up north that we bought last year. We are just recently getting to experience the joy of planting things and seeing them grow (not counting the seasonal flowers on my balcony at home). Each visit to the cabin the first thing we do is walk around the yard and see how our new trees and other plants are doing. It’s such a satisfying feeling to see them growing and flourishing.


  2. Carolyn says:

    That is a gift that keeps on giving! I especially love the woodpecker photo! What beautiful weather we are having.Take care,Carolyn


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